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K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise. Related Forms Interest Form / Request Loan Form Evaluation Form.

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1 K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise

2 Related Forms Interest Form / Request Loan Form Evaluation Form

3 9 Units of Study Artifacts Teacher Resources Internet Lists Multimedia Resources Videos CD-ROMS Music CDs

4 Unit 1: O Canada! Artifacts –Set of Provincial Flags & Canadian Flag –Deck of Cards Eh! –Fold-Out Map of Canada & Laminated 3-D Map –9 Laminated Placemats Teaching Resources –Canada Northern Neighbor –The Spirit of Canada –Canadas Maple Leaf: The Story of Our Flag –The Kids Book of Canada Internet List (22 Websites)

5 Unit 2: BC - Totems & E. Carr. Artifacts –Totem Pole Teaching Resources –Emily Carr: An Introduction to her Life and Art –Looking at Totem Poles (H. Stewart) –Cedar Plank Mask; Bentwood Box; Button Blanket; Spindle Whorl –British Columbia: Land and People (B. MacDonald) Internet List (12 Websites)

6 Unit 3: Images of Ontario: From City to Shield Artifacts –Model of the CN Tower and Brochure –Art Pin (A.J. Cassons White Pine) Teaching Resources –Looking at Landscape Resource Package –Images of Nature: Canadian Poets and the Group of Seven –Meet the Group of Seven Internet List (12 Websites)

7 . Artifacts –Montreal Canadians Away Hockey Jersey Teaching Resources –Québec Land and People (B. MacDonald) –The Sweater (R. Carriere) Internet List (12 Websites) Unit 4: Quebec: les Habitants and the Habs!

8 Unit 5: The Maritimes & the Land of Anne. Artifacts –P.E.I. License Plate w/ Anne Teaching Resources –Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Writers Life (E. McLeod) –Duncans Way (I. Wallace) Internet List (14 Websites)

9 Unit 6: Canadas North & the Inuit Artifacts –Inuksuk Teaching Resources –Artists in the Arctic Resource Package –The Kids Book of the Far North (A. Love and J. Drake) –The Inuksuk Book (M. Wallace) –Arctic Stories (M. Kusugak) Internet List (12 Websites)

10 Unit 7: Canadian Dreams: The Railroad, RCMP & Yukon Gold Artifacts –CN and CP Model RR Cars; RCMP Poster Postcards Teaching Resources –The Cremation of Sam McGee (R. Service) –The Kids Book of Canadas Railway (D. Hodge) –Boldly Cdn: RCMP –The Mounties For Kids Activity Book –Life in the Old West Series: The Railroad; The Gold Rush; Boomtowns Student Novel: –Cariboo Runaway (S.F. Duncan) and Teachers Guide Internet List (12 Websites)

11 Artifacts –Canoe Teaching Resources –Contemporary Art By First Nations Artists Resource Package –Indian Legends of Canada (E.E. Clark) –Canada History: Prehistoric Canada (Ancient Canada– Aboriginal People) –Paddle to the Sea (H.C. Holling) –Maple Moon (Crook & Cameron) Internet List (12 Websites) Unit 8: Canadas First Nations

12 Unit 9: Black Canadians & the Underground Railroad Artifacts –Newspaper Copies & Photos –Equality Pin and Poster Teaching Resources –The Freedom Seekers: Blacks In Early Canada –African Canadians Achievement: In Our Time (R. Ffrench) –An Enduring Heritage: Black Contributions to Early Ontario –The Story of Mary Ann Shadd (R. Breon & V. Cudjoe) Internet List (11 Websites)

13 Multimedia Resources The Group of Seven Paddle to the Sea The Sweater CBC: Life & Times of Lucy Maud Montgomery CBC: Life & Times of Emily Carr 9 Videotapes

14 Multimedia Resources Breaking the Ice: Story of Mary Anne Shadd Destination: Quebec Destination: Toronto (& Niagara Falls) Postcards from Canada 9 Videotapes

15 Multimedia Resources –Canadian Geographic Explorer –Canada: Confederation to Present –Cross Country Canada** –Totems** –Adventure Canada** 10 CD-ROMS

16 Multimedia Resources –Land of the Inuit –Nunavut Territory –Klondike Gold –Northwest Passage –Canadian Treasures 10 CD-ROMS

17 Multimedia Resources 9 Music CDs Souvenirs (Stompin Tom Connors) Stompin Tom Sings Canadian History Gords Gold (Gordon Lightfoot) For the Times (Schooner Fare) Kashtin (Kashtin) Un Pays Qui Se Chante (Various Quebec Artists)

18 Multimedia Resources 9 Music CDs Canada is for Kids – Vol. 1 & 2 (Michael Mitchell) This Child (Susan Aglukark)

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