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MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20071 Remote Sensing center-MONRE Activities and achiverment in application of remote sensing technology and GIS in Vietnam Ministry.

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1 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20071 Remote Sensing center-MONRE Activities and achiverment in application of remote sensing technology and GIS in Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Remote Sensing Center Dr. NguyÔn Xu©n L©m Remote Sensing Center (RSC MONRE)

2 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20072 Content Introduction to The Remote Sensing Center Product and service International cooperation Ground receiving station

3 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20073 Introduction to The Remote Sensing Centre Trung t©m viÔn th¸m

4 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20074 The Remote Sensing Center has been established in 1985, it was belong to the State Department of Geodesy and Cartography. Since Sept,2002 it become an unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). The RSC/MONRE has its headquater office in Hanoi and a Subcenter in Ho Chi Minh City.

5 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20075 National Centre for Meteorology and Hydrology Centre for Land Survey and Planning Remote Sensing Centre Information Centre Magazine of Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper of Natural Resources and Environment Agency of Water Resources Management Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources of Viet Nam Environment Protection Agency Agency of Land Survey and Topography Inspection Office of the Admin. Land Department Department of Land Registration & Statistics Department of Environmen t Department of Appraisal and EIA Department of Meteorolog y and Hydrology Department of Science and Technology Department of Planning and Finance Department of International Cooperation Department of Legislation Department of Personnel and Organizatio n MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT RCS IN MONRE

6 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20076 FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Application of remote sensing technology for investigation, monitoring of natural resources and environment such as land resource, water resource, mineral resource, natural resources exploitation, environmental phenomenon, hydro-meteorological phenomenon, calamity, geological accidents; Receiving, processing, archiving, managing and providing of remote sensing images and products information for natural resources and environment management; Establishing and updating national topographic map system by remote sensing technology for territorial planning and management; Establishment of remote sensing database and geographical information system (GIS) for economic development and management; Establishment of land information system (LIS) and cadastral map by remote sensing technology;

7 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20077 Research, application and development of remote sensing technology for natural resources and environment monitoring; Implementation of scientific researches, projects, programs in cooperation with international organizations, countries in remote sensing fields; research and application of remote sensing technology in combination with geomatic for determination of crust changes and for calamity monitoring prediction; Application of remote sensing technology and other advanced technologies for creation of DEM, Atlas and thematic maps; Supply of satellite images and value added products, services of consultancy, remote sensing and GIS technology transfer to other organizations domestic and oversea in compliance with legislations;

8 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20078 HUMAN RESOURCE Total staffs: 250 persons Doctors: 6 persons Masters: 21 persons Engineers: 200 persons Technicians: 23 persons

9 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 20079 Organization Chart RSC Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Director Board RSC Planning Depart. Planning Depart. Finance Depart. Admin. Office Technical Depart Center for Aquisiton & Image processing Center for Tech. Development Inter. Relation Depart. Center for GIS And database Center for Natur. Res and Env. Monitoring Center for RS Appl. at HCM City Mapping Center by Satellite imagery

10 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200710 Technology based on space-triangulation on block of IGN France by SPACEMAT Chain of Stereo – plotting by SOCET SET Mapupdating by DRY Creating GIS database To make thermatic map on Natural Resources Investigation and Environment Monitoring Technology and services

11 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200711 Image Processing Software : SPACEMAT Production line International Geographic Institute (IGN-Fr) PRODIGEO, MULTISCOPE, OCAPI from French EADS ENVI Technology based on space-triangulation on block by IGN France.

12 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200712 The production chain of space ortho-photo SPACEMAT

13 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200713 Chain of Stereo – plotting by SOCET SET Orthophoto Right Image Stereo plotting Digital topographic maps Stereo modeling Left Image Using SPOT- stereopair Software : Socet cet ( LH system Swiss) Photomod (Russian)

14 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200714 Mapupdating: using DRY software Input : - topographic maps ( map sheet or digital maps) - spacemaps in digital or paper format - interpreted image on clear film format Output : - Updated digital topographic maps - Paper maps printed on printer

15 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200715 Activities Field survey GPS control point measuring Making Interpretation key Interpreting introduction for local staffs

16 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200716 Products and services

17 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200717 Main Activities Updating and creating topographic map Many projects has been carried out in updating topographic maps in different scales including: + 1/25 000 using SPOT data + 1/50 000 Creating space map for land inventory every 5 years + using SPOT 2.5m, Quickbird + At scale 1/10.000 to 1/ 5000 + Covering main parts of country + Providing to local staffs for implementation Creating thematic map for + At various scale for inventory project inland and costal zone

18 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200718 RSC provides following products: Raw satellite data SPOT and ENVISAT and some other kinds of imagery; Spacemap established from SPOT 2. 4. 5; LANDSAT, IKONOS; QUICK BIRD and etc; Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from stereoscopic SPOT, RADARSAT; Thematic spacemaps for Land investigation and monitoring of natural resources and environment; Change detection map generated from satellite imagery; Image processing for many kinds of images such as SPOT, LANDSAT, ERS, ENVISAT, RADARSAT, KFA, QUICK BIRD on different level of products (level 1A,2A,2B and 3).

19 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200719 Space map at scale 1/100000 Image source : Landsat7 ETM Acquired 16 Nov 2001 Bands : 4,3,2 fusion band 8 Fautl composition R G B Some Products : Space maps (Covering whole country)

20 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200720 Space map at scale 1/50.000 Image source : SPOT5, XS Acquired 11 Oct 2002 Bands : 3,2,1 Fault composition R G B Space maps (Covering whole country in mode PAN, XS)

21 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200721 ERS-2 acquired on 27Feb1996, 02Avl1996, 21Aug1996 in RGB HAI PHONG Space maps

22 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200722 Some products of RSC/MONRE Hight resolution ground image 2.5 m used for creating and updating topographic maps at scale 1:25000 and for other purposes. (available in part) Orthophoto at different scale Spot 5 image, 2.5m resolution, acquired 11 Oct 2002

23 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200723 Digital Elevation Model From topographic map at scale 1/250,000 Generated from SPOT_PAN stereo-pair

24 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200724 Topographic maps - Using Spot images - Updated every 10 years - Covering the whole country - Products in digital and paper form Scale 1:25000 Created from SPOT stereo pair Scale 1:50000 Updated using SPOT images

25 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200725 APPLICATION OF REMOTE SENSING TECHNOLOGY AND GIS FOR NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT INVESTIGATION AND MONITORING Establishment of existing land use map for land annual and periodical statistics. Establishment of existing forest map, hydrographical network and vegetation, comprehensive maps of natural resources and environmental status. Establishment of base topographical map by remote sensing images at super high resolution in 13 provinces in Cuu Long river delta. Supporting mineral resource survey. Establishment of change maps such as changes of coast, river, forest, vegetation. Research on flood vulnerability and oil slick.

26 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200726 Thematic maps : Sensitivity map for marine pollution control Land use map Wet land map Aqua cultural areas map Mangrove map Unused land map Coastal line changed map … Resources and Environment Monitoring The RSC/MONRE has co-operated with agencies and organization in the country and abroad in applying remotely sensed data for resources and environment monitoring. Satellite imagery has been applied for change detection of many features such as:

27 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200727 RSC has good staffs with experience in research, implementation and transfer of GIS technology, in establishment and management of GIS database for natural resources and environment management. Some modern GIS software packages (ArcGIS - ESRI; MGE, Mapping Office - Intergraph) was studied and effectively applied in important projects of MoNRE and provinces. RSC has developed practical and effective software packages for land management such as Provincial Land Information Management System (ViLIS). ESTABLISHMENT OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (GIS)

28 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200728 Software : Arc/Info, Arcview, ArcGIS, MAPINFO Creating GIS database for environment management from base maps covering the whole country at scales 1:250 000, 1:500.000; 1:1000000 up to 1:6000000 - Creating GIS for coastal zone management …

29 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200729 Technology transfer training

30 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200730 Implemented Project Updating of topographic map at scale 1:50000 whole country using satellite imagery (1997-2003) Project « Mapping for service to natural resources investigation» (ARPEGE) (French-Vietnamese Cooperation 1998) Project « Establishment of Environmental and Natural Resources Monitoring System in Vietnam » (ENRMS) (French- Vietnamese Cooperation 2003) Establishment of Database for Basic Topography and Hydrographic Information Systemfor flood monitoring and socio-economic development in Mekong River Delta (National Project) Technical consultation&design of project: Establishment of integrated GIS for urban management for Hanoi City (HANOGIS) Consultation&Design of application projects of integrated GIS for natural resources and environment management in LongAn, LamDong and BinhDuong Provinces

31 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200731 International cooperation The RSC/MONRE has carried out following main Projects: Vietnam-Sweden: · In 1994-1995 the RSC has cooperated with the TRIMA AB from Sweden to created a series of Coastal Sensitivity Maps to Oil Spill at 1/100 000 scales along the Coastal areas of Vietnam using SPOT XS data. Vietnam-France: 1.In 1996 –1998 the RSC had undertaken the PRODIGE Project with the SPOT Image in order to upgraded the technology of the Center to be able to process digital satellite imagery, creating image map and purchasing SPOT data.

32 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200732 2. In 2001-2003 the RSC had carried out the ARPEGE Project (French-Vietnamese Cooperation 1998) with the IGN-FI in order to upgraded the technology of the Center to be able to process stereo satellite imagery restitution, apply digital map updating technology by DRY, NUAGE softwares etc... Through these projects many staff of the RSC has been trained with Digital Image Processing, GIS and the RSC had moved quickly to Digital Technology. 3. Poject ENRMS (2006-2008) VN- UN/ESA :Project VIE/X01 (2000) : In 1999-2000 the RSC had carried out the Project VIE/X01: Application of remote Sensing techology for coastal management under sponsor of UN and ESA. Result of this project is a digital database on 9 themes of maps along coastal line of Vietnam. VN- ASEAN/SCOSA, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Australia, etc. Vietnam - Thailand (2005-2006): Joint research on flood.


34 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200734 ACTUAL STATUS OF RS APPLICATION IN VIETNAM The remote sensing, has been introduced into Vietnam since 1980, has brought considerable results and affirmed the advantage of remote sensing technology in many fields. The satellite imagery used for application were SPOT, LANDSAT, SOIUZ, IKONOS, QUICK BIRD, ASTER. Up to now many ministries and province are applying RS and GIS technology and the need in satellite data is increased

35 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200735 Government approved "The Space Technology Strategy". Important task of Strategy is to establish a remote sensing Ground receiving Station and an image processing center. This task has been carried out by Remote Sensing Center MONRE. For implementation this task RSC had submitted a Project called Establishment of the Environment and Natural Resources Monitoring System in Vietnam".

36 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200736 Project « Establishment of the Environmental and Natural Resources Monitoring System in Vietnam » (ENRMS) Main task: Equipement supplying and technology transfer on remote sensing data receiving and processing and intergrated applications for civil sector in Vietnam Under French-Vietnamese Financial Protocol 2003, investment budget 19,378 mill Euros Implementation time 2005-2008 Vietnamese agency: Remote Sensing Center (MONRE) French partner: EADS- DSC

37 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200737 Expected results of ENRMS Ground Receiving Station (VNGS) in operation to acquire SPOT and ENVISAT National Data Center (NDC) for data processing, archiving and providing product to DUS and other civil goverment agencies Data Utilisation System include 15 agencies Technology transfer, on-job training and technical assisstance for implementing and participating agencies in Vietnam.

38 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200738 CONTENTS OF PROJECT ENRMS Vietnam ground receiving station (VNGS); National Data Center (NDC); Data Utilization Systems (DUS).

39 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200739 GROUND RECEVING STATION use multi-sensor receiving technology of EADS Sensor : SPOT 2, 4, 5, Envisat (ASAR, MERIS) Location: Tu Liem District - Hanoi Operation : from 2007

40 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200740 Vietnam Ground Receiving Station (VNGS)

41 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200741 Proposed system ENRMS cofiguration SPOT 2,4,5 MERIS PhÇn thu nhËn vµ xö lý tÝn hiÖu Trung t©m D­ liÖu Quèc gia (NDC) HÖ thèng øng dông gåm 15 ®¬n vÞ (DUS) ENVISAT- ASA Ground Receiving Station (VNGS) DUS National Data Center (NDC)

42 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200742 Sensors acquired SPOT 2,4 and 5 ENVISAT ASAR (RADAR) and MERIS

43 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200743 Technology Transfer, on -job training and technical assistance Technology transfer is implemented by 3 step: Academic and theoretical training course On Job training during 1 year Technical assisstance by many mission to Vietnam by French experts To operate high technology project, it is necessary to conduct abroad trainning and training in Vietnam for technology transfer.

44 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200744 Implementing agencies Implementing agency: Remote Sensing Center of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Participating agencies: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Fishery, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Petrol ViÖt Nam and National University of Hµ Néi.

45 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200745 List of data utilisation agencies 15 DUS NNName of agency AgencyMinistry 1DOSMCôc Do ®¹c vµ Ban ®åBé Tµi nguyªn vµ M«i tr­êng (MONRE) 2LIPCViÖn DiÒu tra Quy ho¹ch ®Êt ®ai(MONRE) 3VEPACôc Bao vÖ M«i tr­êng(MONRE) 4NCMHTrung t©m KhÝ t­îng Thñy van QG(MONRE) 5RIGMViªn Nghiªn cøu DÞa chÊt Kho¸ng san (MONRE) 6FIPIViÖn ĐiÒu tra Qui ho¹ch rõngBé N«ng nghiÖp vµ Ph¸t triÓn N«ng th«n (MARD) 7NIAPPViÖn Qui ho¹ch vµ ThiÕt kÕ N«ng nghiÖp (MARD) 8IWRRViÖn Khoa häc Thñy lîi(MARD)

46 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200746 9IOGViÖn DÞa lýViÖn Khoa häc vµ C«ng nghÖ ViÖt nam (VAST) 10VTGEOTrung t©m ViÔn th¸m vµ Geomatic, Viªn đÞa chÊt (VAST) 11HSIOPh©n viÖn Hai d­¬ng häc Hµ Néi(VAST) 12DOFIREMCôc Quan lý nguån lîi Thñy snMinistry of Fishery 13VPIViÖn DÇu khÝVietnam Petrol 14GFKhoa DÞa lý - ĐH Khoa Häc Tù nhiªnHanoi National University 15SARSYSTrung t©m cøu n¹n cøu héGovernment

47 MELIA HANOI 22 MAY 200747 Thank you for attention

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