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Schedule of Releases (since Tromso meeting) and New Access Interfaces.

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1 Schedule of Releases (since Tromso meeting) and New Access Interfaces

2 Schedule of Releases MD9.1 (internal release) (May 25, 2004) –ISO 19115 compatible MD9.2 (IDN release) (July 2004) –ISO 19115 compatible –Decoupled software into several packages. –Several packages available for download MDServer, KeywordSearch, OpenAPI, docBUILDER, OPS, etc. –Packaged release for instillation Delivered to JCADM node –Incorporation of a geographic map showing spatial coverage of data set in DIF display.

3 Schedule of Releases MD9.3 (Oct 2004) –Incorporation of Lucene full-text search engine with geo- spatial and temporal searching. –Integrate and combine keyword searching with full-text searching using Lucene. –Incorporation of spell checker for docBUILDER. –PostgresSQL support. –Improved installer for database installation and software configuration. –New Subscription Service provides users ability to subscribe to DIFs by topic. Also provides a way to subscribe to keyword changes.

4 Schedule of Releases MD9.4 (Mar 2005) –Incorporate hierarchical searching for locations and data center (and refinement). –Incorporate capability to search/refine by Data Resolution. –Incorporate SOAP as API to access GCMD catalog server. (may be available in earlier release) –Improve catalog level searching by allowing clients to search content using Xpath queries. (may be available in earlier release)

5 docBUILDER Web Application –Implement templates –Editable XML content box. –Render tab to view XML in HTML –Improve underlying data structures to provide faster DOM access. Swing Application –Implement standalone version of docBUILDER (e.g., CD version, not necessary to be connected to the internet)

6 Databases Provide open-source alternatives to Oracle. –PostgreSQL –MySQL –Mckoi

7 Providing Extended Access to the IDN SOAP offers a new way to interact with the IDN Walter Lowe: Summer, 2004

8 The IDN Web Interface

9 The docBuilder Web Interface

10 How is Information Accessed in the IDN?

11 The Remote Method Invocation (RMI) System

12 About SOAP Extensible Markup Language (XML) Communication between computer systems Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Transmission of information and commands Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Implementation independent description of interfaces

13 Extending the RMI Server

14 The Advantages of a Distributed System

15 Applications for the System Automated access and update Examination of coverage area Custom interface design Integration into existing applications

16 XML Query Language Project Dennis Petesch. Summer 2004

17 Goal Provide support by implementing a Java- based parser that will query the IDN Database using XML XPath expressions (Standardized XML based query language) instead of the current in-house query language.

18 Research Questions XPath? The primary purpose of XPath is to address certain criteria of an XML document through the hierarchal navigation of an XML document. Will XPath be sufficient in filtering XML Metadata? Can I use XPath to exactly pinpoint certain information?

19 Approach Practice XML and Java Research XPath functionality Research Database functionality Testing XPath expressions Black box testing Open Source XML database from eXist, Xindice


21 GCMD Query Language [Location:Location_Name=NORTH AMERICA] OR ([Source_Name:Short_Name=LANDSAT] AND [Project:Short_Name=DODS]) Grouping ()s [Location:Location_Name=NORTH AMERICA] AND [Source_Name:Short_Name=LANDSAT] Boolean Queries [Entry_ID=ZZZ415] Simple Queries

22 /DIFS/DIF[Entry_ID/text()=ds018.0][Entry_ID=ds018.0] XPathGCMD Query Language EXAMPLE

23 /DIFS/DIF[Location/Location_Name/ text()=NORTHERN HEMISPHERE and Data_Set_Language/text()=English] [Location:Location_Name= NORTHERN HEMISPHERE ] AND [Data_Set_Language=English] XPathGCMD Query Language Grouping() Boolean

24 Database Comparison Exist Open Source Written in Java Makes use of GUI Supports XPath & XQuery 2^31 small documents Minimal command line documentation XINDICE Open Source Written in Java Makes use of GUI Does not support XQuery Many small documents Maintained by Apache

25 Results Xindice XML database fit requirements, plus it made easier use of the command line. Use a soap interface to interact with the user. The soap interface would tell the XML database what to search for, and then the formatted results would be displayed to the user on a web page.

26 Visualization

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