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Prof. Natalia Kussul, PhD. Andrey Shelestov, Lobunets A., Korbakov M., Kravchenko A.

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1 Prof. Natalia Kussul, PhD. Andrey Shelestov, Lobunets A., Korbakov M., Kravchenko A.

2 Overview Introduction Informational subsystem of CosmoGIS Space Weather Services Grid technologies for satellite data processing Conclusions

3 Introduction Space Research Institute of National Space Agency of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – scientific organization Main research areas: space physics & space whether, remote sensing, system analysis, informational technologies Department of Space Informational Technologies & Systems Areas of interest: – –GRID-technologies – –Parallel computations – –Distributed systems modeling – –Informational Systems Development – –Intelligent computations (i.e. neural networks, Markov models, fractal analysis...) – –Informational security – –Multi-agent approach

4 CosmoGIS system 1/5 In 2004 CosmoGIS system draft project was worked out by Ukrainian Working Group for the implementation of remote sensing data and technologies in National Monitoring Environmental System Goal: to provide remote sensing data and services for GIS users CosmoGIS system of Ukraine should became Ukrainian segment of GMES (supported by NSAU)

5 CosmoGIS system 2/5 Information subsystem – –supported by NSAU – –Web-portal for interaction between CosmoGIS project participants and users activity support Initiated in March, 2005 Is developing to met the requirements of INSPIRE Registered as SDIC in INSPIRE initiative – –Functions : To provide CosmoGIS service centers interaction both for subsystem members and users To provide catalogue of organizations related with remote sensing data processing To provide information on services and data available To provide data exchange with archives (source and processed) To popularize CosmoGIS system.

6 CosmoGIS system 3/5 Organizations Projects Strategies, tasks (problems) Examples of decided tasks Conferences International and national programs (earth remote sensing) Equipment of earth remote sensing Articles, publications Web-service Space weather International projects connected with Space weather Data processing center of Meteosat DOS-centers Core (WEB portal) Data Base Data Archives Authentication and authorization Security policy Content management system Visualization of information sources and DB Singular mechanism of connection and registration Web-services Contextual search in portal Structural diagram

7 CosmoGIS system 4/5 Use Local Search System: contextual search, page indexing of portal Data Archive DMS Web-service registration Metadata Service Description Use Data Archive Use DOS-Center Data processing center Realize Web-source Space weather Realize Visualization mechanism Web-portal Search System CMS Web-service registration Content Management System Document Management System Local Search System: contextual search, page indexing of portal DOS-Centers registration Service Description Data Archive Use Web-service - 1 level - 2 level - 3 level Conceptual diagram

8 CosmoGIS system 5/5 Technologies used in current version : – –Gentoo Linux based platform – –Apache Web-server – –Mambo portal engine (PHP-based Open Source Framework) – –Integration with MapServer 4.6 is in progress

9 CosmoGIS system Current status of the project – –Phase 1 (2005): users needs and requirements analysis problems evaluation members and users directory service implementation high performance computations use in satellite data processing (proof of concept) on-line services prototyping – –Phase 2 (2006-2007): metadata catalogue providing access to the datasets R&D of problem solving methods – –Phase 3 (2007-..): production use, integration activities

10 CosmoGIS system Screenshots

11 Space Weather Services Web-service based distributed system Space weather – –Prototype development has been started this year (supported by National Space Agency of Ukraine) – –System development will be supported by National Space Agency of Ukraine and Ukrainian government in National Space Program (starting next year) – –Basic functionality: Space weather related data providing (source data and forecasts) Space weather services providing Models and data processing methods development (using high performance computing and Grid-technology) Popularization of information about Space weather

12 Space Weather Services Screenshots

13 Grid Related Activities Grid technologies for satellite data processing Supported by National Academy of Science (2004-2005) Grant for young scientists (National Academy of Sciences) - 2005 International scientific projects are under preparation and reviewing – –FP6 project – –CRDF project (coordinator – University of Maine) – –STCU project – –Joint Project of Ukraine, Russia and Belorus We are looking for partners and international cooperation! Problem Statement

14 Grid Related Activities Grid overview Grids enable software applications to integrate computational and information resources that are managed by diverse organizations in widespread locations Grid advantages – – Transparent use of different resources – – Scalable service-based architecture – – Running in heterogeneous environment Problem Statement

15 Grid Technologies Grid architecture Network Grid Common Function Network Services Grid Common Function Network Services Applications Grid Services Packaged as Web Services Packaged as Web Services Grid Services Application Web Services Applications Application Web Services Processor X Processor Y

16 Utilizing Grid Technologies Meteosat based cloud mask computation – –needed for the most remote sensing data processing algorithms – –valuable for airborne and satellite measurements planning – –continuous product based on MRF segmentation techniques Case studies Raw imageCloud borders Cloud mask

17 Utilizing Grid Technologies Cloud motion estimation – –useful as the source data for Numerical Weather Prediction models – –temporary interpolation/extrapolation of image sequences for now casting – –based on adapted optical flow techniques Case studies

18 Utilizing Grid Technologies Fractal features extraction – –based on modeling of Meteosat images by Generalized Brownian Motion processes Case studies

19 Utilizing Grid Technologies Visualization using MapServer Case studies

20 Utilizing Grid Technologies Our Testbed & Applications

21 Utilizing Grid Technologies Globus Toolkit (GT4) – the most advanced and de facto standard framework for building Grid environments – –Grid security infrastructure – –Data management – –Resource management – –Information management Our Testbed & Applications

22 Utilizing Grid Technologies Local scheduler – Condor: – –Intially batch system for High Throughput Computing (HPC) – –Now can be integrated with different HPC environments (MPI, PVM, etc) – –Used as a scheduler for cluster of Institute of cybernetics – –Bindings for GT4 – –Invocated via GRAM-Condor adapter Our Testbed & Applications

23 Conclusions Thank you! We are looking for partners and cooperation

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