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CII status Osamu OCHIAI NASDA/EORC CEOS/WGISS in Chiang Mai.

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1 CII status Osamu OCHIAI NASDA/EORC CEOS/WGISS in Chiang Mai

2 Contents 1. Long-term Goals of CII 2. CEOS Home Page 3. Target Users 4. CII Tasks 5. Current Work 6. CII Access Log

3 o Provide comprehensive and up to date online information about documents and services for external outreach and internal management of CEOS Homepage. 1. Long-term Goals of CII

4 2. CEOS Home Page CEOS Home Page (entry point to CII): CII Task Team is working with NASA/HQ to place information on the web pages and it was heavily used before the CEOS Plenary.

5 3. Target Users 1. CEOS Secretariat and collaborators 2. CEOS Members and Associates 3. IGOS Partners Link available to IGOS Partnership Homepage. ( ) 4. General Public

6 CII document Management CEOS Secretariat working documents Internal Docs for coming Plenary Past Plenary Documents Past Plenary Documents Intranet E-mail ID & Password to enter the Intranet. Access to documents via Web browser Secretariat Plenary speakers CII Controller NASDA CEOS HP Contents Controller NASA E-mail WWW upload P&C list P&C list Secretariat Released ReleasedDocs Public

7 4. CII Tasks To support the day-to-day management of CEOS Secretariat level activities. To provide a working system for the storage and maintenance of all CEOS Plenary documents, agendas etc. for meetings. (Meeting minutes and action items are generated by meeting host (Chair)). To ease and speed the process of Plenary documentation, and to reduce material and postage costs for CEOS Chair Agency.

8 5. Current Work 1. Updated the COES Home Page Regularly (Monthly) in cooperation with NASA. e.g.> CEOS Calendar Publications (Annual Report/Newsletter) Representatives (CEOS Members and Associates) Schematic Structure/Subgroup 2. Added Password Protection to the Intranet Page to allow internal use by CEOS Secretariats. 3. Will Provide 17 th CEOS Plenary documents by making a linkage to NOAAs website.

9 6. CEOS HP Access Log Access log – A summary of access to the CEOS Home Page from July 2002 to August 2003 is shown in the next slide. Observation –Peak in October and in November, before the Plenary meeting.

10 CII Access Log in 2002-2003 CEOS Plenary Server Maintenance 2002 2003

11 Actions for you 1.Review the CEOS home page and contents at 2.Send your comments to CII Task to enhance the usefulness of the CEOS Home Page.

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