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1 Serving the whole planet with metric resolution data: The e-CORCE program status presented by WGISS 27, Toulouse, 12th.

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1 1 Serving the whole planet with metric resolution data: The e-CORCE program status presented by WGISS 27, Toulouse, 12th of may Wgiss27_e-CORCE

2 2 Customer are pushing for new products that evolve rapidly For some years, synergies between information society and spatial technologies have become tangible, generating new standards for customer demands: I want to communicate with everyone at any time (mobile telephony and Internet) I want to know where I am and where Im going to (Personal Navigation Devices market) I want to see everything at any time (geolocalisation services e.g.: Google Earth, e-Globe…)

3 3 1 meter, Full Earth in a 1 week time or less with e-CORCE Can we imagine one may create a self-sustainable satellite system able to photograph the whole of our planet with one-meter resolution on a one-day time? e-CORCE stand for "e- Continuous Observing system Relayed by Cellular processing Environment" "e-" since aiming at feeding geocoded information to Internet based mass market operators "Continuous Observing" since aiming at providing a continuously refreshed view of our full planet "Relayed by Cellular processing Environment" since based on the intimate compound of 3 cellular layers Space,Telecom,Grid

4 4 The one-meter, one-day, one-Earth nightmare Some few figures extracted from current state of the art : 5x10 +14 pixels/day = more than 10 000 000 000 000 000 bits Overall satellite system raw throughout around 7000 Gigabits/s According to present sensor technologies (20 000 pixels CCDs) means 125 satellites @67 Gb/s !!! 20 receiving centre with 700 Gb/s dump speed !!! How to break the information wall? We need to COMPRESS & DISTRIBUTE the information flow COMPRESS: Psycho-visual image compression DISTRIBUTE: Receive and treat the information in a fully decentralised fashion without having centric facilities (WAG)

5 5 13 satellites, 28 km swath, 250 kgs, 80Mb/s, 50 receiving/processing nodes No end user distribution and no central facility, no full mosaic creation, end product is logically distributed but never physically available Internet IP virtual products (eg: I-tune, I-tube or emule functionning) E-CORCE, a multilayer space-ground network for 2014

6 6 Typical e-CORCE Micro-Satellites design Flying geometry with sight direction perpendicular to speed vector Along flight propulsion direction Easy accomodation of donwlink antenna Multi-plan compatibility 10% Increased solar arrays dimension Bidimensionnel TDI Earth Speed Instrument design: Aperture Ø 300 mm 14 stages TDI 4 CCD arrays with 7 000 pixels 3 mirors Korsch Télescope SiC based opto-mechanical design Mass < 40 kg Power < 120 W Illustration Rationale

7 7 Psycho-visual image compression (gain=50) Psycho-visual data compression features (geared up for internet users): No need for cloud cover handling No need for sea surfaces on/off Automatic bit budget Compression over clouds / seas >100 Compression over Towns <15 Average compression all over the world >50 Nearly no visual degradation for 1m resolution images Quality for 10 meters or more data anyhow excellent thanks to statistical surface averaging Illustration Rationale

8 8 Nodes are receiving systems and computers => Unified Satellite resources Wide Area Grid (WAG) : Satellite GRID= Networked Nodes & Middleware

9 9 The Wide Area Grid NODE Reception of compressed payload data Uplink of TM/TC commands (Space IP flow/protocol emulation) Image decompression (adaptative JPEG2000) Image correction Local Mosaic creation Interaction with other Node under WAG supervision Resulting data set seen as data stream serveur, WAG IP streaming protocol Distribution by peer to peer mechanism creating a full virtual metric Earth Local mosaic Geocoded Portal

10 10 Overall computerized capacity brought by 5000 PCs (1000 in 2012) spreaded over 50 to 100 receiving and processing centers may generate on a daily basis the world- mosaic at 1 meter resolution Typically any of the WAG node will make use of 20 PCs to create its local mosaic. Overall power close to the full CERN capability ! E-CORCE Ground cellular processing requirements

11 11 Lessons from Google, a precursor in mass geocoded information accessible to every-one

12 12 Emulated e-CORCE, 1meter resolution

13 13 100 meters resolution over Africa

14 14

15 15 Today 1 meter resolution over 70% of the Globe !

16 16 1 Meter/pixel2,5Meter/pixel

17 17 Is one meter a good choice ? - Technical optimum for micro-sat techno - Well fitted to market usage - Good for visual navigation - Acceptable bandwidh and information sizing

18 18 Examples of e-CORCE added value for B2C market players enrichment of cartography content for GPS devices Address of local stadium : 5 Avenue de Matignons User help for last mile navigation through map enrichment Where is the stadium ? Here it is !

19 19 Getting weekly metric colour high resolution pictures of any place all over the world is becoming affordable to every-one and as straightforward as being plugged on Internet e-CORCE, the easy way for thematic users Without need for sfecific programming : Déforestation Drought Pollution Roads Harvest evaluation Mineral and oil serach Urban monitoring...

20 20 Some revolutionary consequences on space Earth Observation utilization and business potential The whole of the Earth is continuously accessible No programming, no competition on satellite access Any country will be covered the same way (poor and rich ) e-CORCE, the system for development aid and monitoring Psycho-visual quality trimmed to maximize utilisation while cutting costs e-CORCE, the Earth Observation « MP3 » The whole planet is constructed as a virtual globe complete, fresh and homogeneous No more catalogues The full data set is « on line » Oversimplified distribution at minimum cost trough Internet: Imagery On Demand (IOD) Fully automated process from satellite to users : Commercialization platform, the « Amazon » way with small or large deliver of pictures from any place all over the Earth ! And finally : Imagery at much reduced cost by a factor of 4 at least inducing new markets opportunities and value added activities RationaleIllustration

21 21

22 22 Blue Planet objectives are to: Involve European industry in the development and the operation of e-CORCE constellation Operate and sale the worldwide metric images updated every week Blue Planet will be a space imagery wholesaler supplying all users (Mass, Thematic, New) Blue Planet ambition is to build an European dominant position thanks to its performance, its low cost and ease of access Blue Planet, a new European space operator

23 23 e-CORCE: Innovation is not only technical ! Space manufact 13 Sats Mass portal operators Classical thematic needs Business unit Production Concepts & patents

24 24

25 25 Thematic clients Markets Mass market: major Web, Mobile and GPS players Large institutions These markets will be commercially addressed through 3 different sales channels. Production system Sales channels SPATIAL LAYER TELECOM LAYER GROUND LAYER Low cost satellite IP sensors Re-use of existing telecom infrastructures Low cost WAG hardware and software Leverage of internet already installed capacity Blue Planet direct sales Sales through indirect distribution network or value-added resellers Distribution platform Open Commercial channel Large clients Small / Medium clients Blue Planet direct sales channels limited to few key account managers and fully automated distribution platform Logic for profits relies on the ability of e-CORCE to deliver disruptive performances at low cost by severely cutting down: Production costs Distribution costs

26 26 An unexpected business case ready to be caught ! e-CORCE =>No free alternative => No programmatic dependency !! Identified an « Massive needs » Low cost technology is entering the space manufacturing processes

27 27 Any question ? Contacts:

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