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WGISS-27, Toulouse EO contributions to CEOS (GEO) INPEs perspective.

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1 WGISS-27, Toulouse EO contributions to CEOS (GEO) INPEs perspective

2 WGISS-27, Toulouse Summary Introduction Overview of main EO projects at INPE Data policy and software availability CBERS for Africa initiative EO satellite program for 2010 – 2020

3 WGISS-27, Toulouse A vision for our future A constellation of satellites provide free global land imaging for all countries on Earth CBERS contributes to CEOS LSI and GEO data democracy and data sharing

4 WGISS-27, Toulouse INPEs technology agenda Brazil as a global player in earth observation Multilateral agreements (CEOS, GEO) Bilateral agreements (China, Argentina, UK, Germany)

5 WGISS-27, Toulouse Deforestation in the Amazon PRODES project – deforestation rates Jan01Jan02Jan03 Inc 00/01 Inc 01/02Rate 01/02 Time Jul00Jul01 Jul02 Rate 00/01 dry season

6 WGISS-27, Toulouse PRODES multidata approach LANDSAT CCD/CBERS DMC 25km

7 WGISS-27, Toulouse

8 PRODES wall to wall assessment ~230 scenes Landsat/year

9 WGISS-27, Toulouse Main uses of PRODES results Effectiveness of deforestation control policies Increasing demands of concerned society for governmental actions Support for policy making at regional and local scales Public awareness of deforestation in the Amazon (

10 WGISS-27, Toulouse But PRODES is not enough … Results are obtained and published after the damage is done It is difficult for the government to punish illegal deforestation after it is installed There are demands for faster information production

11 WGISS-27, Toulouse DETER project – near real time Same approach as PRODES with MODIS 250m SOIL SHADOWGREEN VEGETATION

12 WGISS-27, Toulouse Soil image (April 22 to May 7, 2004)

13 WGISS-27, Toulouse Classification of soil image

14 WGISS-27, Toulouse 2003 extension + changes + image

15 WGISS-27, Toulouse

16 Shapefile of all deforestation mapped in that month

17 WGISS-27, Toulouse June 08, 2004

18 WGISS-27, Toulouse June 22, 2004

19 WGISS-27, Toulouse

20 Impacts of DETER Faster information for strategic decisions by the deforestation control agencies Better efficiency in law enforcement Immediate public awareness by monthly information dissemination (

21 WGISS-27, Toulouse If it has been published in English …

22 WGISS-27, Toulouse CBERS program timeline CBERS-1 September 1999 – March 2003 CBERS-2 October 2003 – March 2009 CBERS-2B Launched in September, 2007 CBERS-3 Scheduled for June, 2011 CBERS-4 Scheduled for September, 2014

23 WGISS-27, Toulouse CBERS (free) data policy Data acquired over Brazil are available free of charges to anyone Data acquired over China are available free of charges to the Chinese people Brazil and China agree to apply the same data policy for Africa Brazil applies the same policy for any country

24 WGISS-27, Toulouse CBERS and Landsat data distribution

25 WGISS-27, Toulouse



28 CBERS program contributions CEOS LSI constellation GEO data democracy & data sharing tasks CalVal activities CBERS direct downlink at USGS – EROS in 2006 and 2008 for cross-calibration with Landsat data CBERS onboard data recorder used over Antarctica for the Dome-C experiment (QA4EO – WGCalVal)

29 WGISS-27, Toulouse Free and open-source software SPRING ( General purpose GIS & image processing system Freeware since 1996, in 2010 More than 100,000 users Windows and Linux versions Available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese

30 WGISS-27, Toulouse Free and open-source software TerraLib ( Open source GIS classes and functions library Written in C++ and almost OGC compliant GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License) TerraView ( Open source GIS application built on TerraLib GNU GPL (General Public License)

31 WGISS-27, Toulouse Free and open-source software Sismaden ( SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) system for monitoring (risk alerts) natural disasters

32 WGISS-27, Toulouse Free and open-source software Marlin ( Open source application for satellite imagery visualization GNU GPL built on TerraLib Windows and Linux versions Support for GeoTIFF image file format Tools for geometric and radiometric analyses

33 WGISS-27, Toulouse CBERS for Africa initiative Dissemination of free CBERS data for African countries Partnership with existing ground stations Adherence to the CBERS data policy GEO capacity building task Training programs Free and open source software

34 WGISS-27, Toulouse CBERS for Africa initiative Four ground stations were indentified CSIR, Hartebeeshoek, in South Africa INTA, Maspalomas, in the Canary Islands, Spain ASI, Malindi, in Kenya NARSS, Aswan, in Egypt Gabon has recently demonstrated interest in establishing a CBERS ground station Cooperation with IRD, AFD, CNES

35 WGISS-27, Toulouse CBERS for Africa initiative

36 WGISS-27, Toulouse Perspectives for 2010 Extension of PRODES and DETER methodologies to other countries Indonesia, countries in the Equatorial Africa GIS and Remote Sensing capacity building in Africa (GEO CB task) Mozambique, South Africa Extensive use of free and open source software Regular production of GIS-ready CBERS data

37 WGISS-27, Toulouse INPEs EO satellite program 20162014 CBERS-5 CBERS-4 Amazônia-1 CBERS-3 2015 Amazônia-2 CBERS-6 20172019 CBERS-SAR Amazônia-3 20132012201120102018 2020

38 WGISS-27, Toulouse EO contributions to CEOS (GEO) INPEs perspective Julio Dalge Thanks!

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