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CRM Thomas B. Fleming, Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLP.

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1 CRM Thomas B. Fleming, Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLP

2 The Integration Story (2b) Client continuity, background, & insights Must become part of everyones process Central repository of contact information –Public versus private entries –Company versus people date –Resolving duplicates especially with private –Mailing lists –Who knows who

3 More Integration Integrate internal & external data –Accounting, new business information, etc –Lexis, Westlaw, D&B, etc Staying current – vital –Internal with training and mailing lists –External by updating and or on demand data Centralized - private - confidential Remote access especially wireless Coordinating meetings

4 Process for Evaluating (3a) Gather information & find a champion Outline what is needed/wanted Review existing software versus new Separate company data from people data External data feeds – In-house & external Need to be expandable Database – off the shelf or proprietary

5 More Evaluation Criteria Resolving conflicts/new information What is the learning curve Vendor reputation – ease to work with, their support & their customer service Established versus the new kid Global changes

6 More Evaluation Criteria Test data conversion – take it to the users What are all the capabilities –Notes, Activities, Mailings, Contacts Remote & wireless access Approval process and champions Alternatively - skunk works

7 Involvement (3d) Information professionals - IS - Marketing –Know the difference and make a difference –If not, define the lines & get agreement –Offer to train Marketing on how to do research Bring ideas of new products to the group Form a consensus & sell it to management

8 Content Managers and or Data Stewards They monitor the data that is entered Resolving conflicts & verifying new information Librarians know information & they know the process Train in information resources Talk with the users to find what is good what is bad

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