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ECHO Services Discussion WGISS 18 September 6-10, 2004 Beijing, Peoples Republic of China Robin Pfister NASA/GSFC.

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1 ECHO Services Discussion WGISS 18 September 6-10, 2004 Beijing, Peoples Republic of China Robin Pfister NASA/GSFC

2 ECHO Overview Native Services Metadata Clearinghouse (Registry) –ECHO makes the data holdings of the Earth Science Enterprise available to clients as if they had a copy of all the metadata in their system Order Broker –ECHO provides a single interface for clients to place orders through and deals with the complexity of ordering from its partner systems on behalf of the client User Account Management –While not a primary feature of the system, ECHO provides flexible user account management for both registered users and providers in support of its registry and brokering roles Service Registry –ECHO provides a mechanism for clients to find out what Earth Science services are available dynamically. ECHO provides the mechanism for services to express their relationship to Earth Science data Service Broker –ECHO will allow a client to order data from a data provider and then have a series of services applied to it by relying on ECHO to do the coordination Open Source:

3 The Big Picture Enabling Technology –Middleware, not GUIs Marketplace –Providers offer their wares –Consumers find what they like and access it Interoperable Registries –Data Metadata Catalog/Clearinghouse Inventory Level –Services Service Registry Web Services Technology Service User Interfaces (UIs) –Interoperable Through Registry Taxonomies

4 ECHO in the Enterprise Clients Data Acquisition Data Processing Archive Delivery/ Fulfillment … ECHO Data Registry ECHO Service Registry Enterprise Middleware …

5 Definition and Usage Service - A capability offered by a provider. By participating in ECHO, the services interface is declared using standard semantics and technology (WSDL, SOAP) in a way that potential users can find, understand and access. Types of Services - Advertised, Brokered, Chained

6 Service Middleware Uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) >

7 Service Capability Status Advertised services - operational Service Brokering - initial studies in progress; prototyping to begin soon. Service Chaining - will follow brokering.

8 Service Brokering

9 Ultimate Goal is Service Chaining: A Distributed Virtual Computer

10 Potential Topics for Follow-up Services Presentation in February Brokering Issues and Solutions Service Chaining Model Classification of Services in the Enterprise –Incl. What do we do when it evolves (issues related to change) Federating these registries

11 Other Items of Interest…

12 ECHO Data Partner Status StatusOrganizationCollectionsBrowse ImagesGranules (data items) OperationalAlaska SAR Facility14 (all restricted)01,759,106 (all restricted) OperationalGoddard ECS DAAC (GDAAC) 357981,86716,965,099 OperationalLand Processes EOS Core System (ECS) DAAC (LPDAAC) 85 (14 restricted) 2,132,233 (7,316 restricted) 10,867,820 (16,938 restricted) OperationalAtmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) 91 (all restricted) 709,064 (all restricted) 1,705,492 (all restricted) OperationalOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) 6530105,124 OperationalSocioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) 50 Collections are orderable items 00 OperationalStennis Space Center Data Purchase Project 22 (all restricted) 02,932 (all restricted) TestNational Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) DAAC 35 (all restricted) 062,066 (all restricted) Totals (public/restricted):27,921,105 / 3,546,534 3,106,784 / 716,308 1,131 / 176

13 OGC-ECHO Adaptor The OGC-ECHO Adaptor (OEA) will provide a mechanism to present ECHO holdings in an OGC-compliant fashion. It will service Z39.50 GEO profile catalog requests The Earth Science Gateway Portal (Geospatial One-Stop) is the client that is driving this development. The OEA will comply with version 1 of the OGC Catalog Services Specification (

14 System Interoperability As we move to ECHO, the EOS Data Gateway is also being modified to interoperate via ECHO. For distributed searching we were hoping to move into current technology by replacing the V0 interoperability mechanism with an OGC standards based mechanism. Wed like feedback from those who are currently interoperable if moving to OGC interoperability standards is okay. Please send e-mail with responses, and also concerns and discussions.

15 Thank you

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