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Semantic Web for the Military User C2 Applications.

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1 Semantic Web for the Military User C2 Applications

2 Outline Framework Participants Transition actions by area

3 Framework for Review: Expeditionary Sensor Grid Characteristics Time DeployedWhen Committed Sensor CoverageReal Time High Interest Areas NumbersMany (100s – 1,000s) CostLow NetworkFully Netted (FORCEnet) Stability Endurance – Hours to Months Limited Vulnerable Counters CCD KEY UUV sensor USV sensor UAV sensor – medium UAV sensor – small Unattended ground sensors Unattended sea sensors

4 C2 Applications Review ESG Framework Control of systems/sensors/and networks –With auto registration, knowledge of capabilities, can more intelligently control for optimal or appropriate coverage for the mission at hand for planning, and adaptation to changing conditions. Infrastructure Applications –Semantic interoperability of systems, dynamic reconfiguration with understanding at the machine level of the implications Sensor Applications –Smart Sensors communicating with one-another E.g., unattended acoustic/IR… aerial, ground, or underwater sensor (one of potentially thousands) –Fusion, aggregation and reporting

5 C2 Applications Participants Gunnar Ramstrum SSC Mark Nelson COMEODGRU 2 Steve HoffmannAMC/AFRL Pedro Szekely ISI Mark Gorniak AFRL Ken WhitebreadLMSC/ATL Frank White SSC Doyle WeisharGlobal Infotek Mark TempestilliUSNA Rich Coupland NWDC Don ConklinBBN Marti HallDRC Phil BarryDMSO David MarshAFRL/IFT Wayne PerrasNWDC Mike SiracuseUSJFCOM Rick MetzgerAFRL Mel PetersRaytheon Mike DeanBBN

6 Summary of areas of interest We discussed promising DAML capabilities, potential DAML implementation problems/issues, but really keyed on promising applications: –AMC – Markup for Diplomatic Clearance Guidance for Military Air –ESG – Tackle sensor level fusion applications in FY 02 lab testing, infrastructure and Command and Control Level at modeling level –JBI – Address systems interoperability issues and fusion Other potential pointers (outside this group) –Suggestion was to approach Air Traffic Control System

7 AMC Proposed Approach to Diplomatic Clearance Foreign Clearance Guide DAML Ontology DAML Markup (Australia) DAML Markup (Saudi Arabia) Logic/ Business Rules Flight Planning/ Dip Reqs

8 AMC Proposal Create Prototypical Ontology for Foreign Clearance Guidance –Develop Classes and attributes –Identify Relationships/Other Properties Mark Up Sample Pages (Selected Content vs. Selected Countries) Develop/Harness Front-End for Demonstration Goals: –Reduce Mistakes/Misses Within AMC –Demonstrate Feasibility of DAML in FCG Domain Action –DAML/Horus Integrator will connect with ISX regarding potential ontology building approaches

9 Joint Battlespace Infosphere Objective: A system of systems that integrates, aggregates, & distributes information to users at all echelons, from command center to battlefield. –Multiple enablers, but regarding DAML potential, the enabler of Transforming Data into Knowledge –Promote information interoperability amongst numerous heterogeneous clients (ie., apps, sensors) –Potential for using DAML markup in JBI info object metadata headers and Fuselets for info tailoring AFRL took action to explore DAML use as part JBI info object representation

10 ESG/EEE Actions Actions: –SSC took multiple actions related to ESG Enabling Experiments at SSC San Diego: Identify sensors for DAML representation in FY 02 laboratory testing Look at modeling the Infrastructure and System Control level for DAML implications, specifically look at ties to other DARPA programs in ATO (candidate programs include IA programs and Dynamic Data Base/Dynamic Target Tracking/Advanced ISR Management and UGS).

11 ESG-related discussion Data registration, uncertainty estimation, and further articulation of sensor and network information are important issues. –SRI might be willing to take on as challenge problem for their work. DAML Integrator will follow up. CNO N-6 (C3) has a related project in communications – Capt Tempestelli will provide further information/ contact to pursue, and fold into ESG/EEE

12 Other Potential Applications Air Traffic Control –Air Traffic Control System is transitioning to web-based information management. –Clearly, they will have the kinds of issues that might be aided by the use of DAML. –DAML integrator will follow up.

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