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Semantic Web for the Military User Overview of June 6 & 7 Meeting Tom Martin.

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1 Semantic Web for the Military User Overview of June 6 & 7 Meeting Tom Martin

2 Outline Agenda Participants Breakout Sessions, Goals and Process Summary of General Actions This afternoon each area will present summary of Junes actions –C2 Applications –Doctrine/Lessons Learned –Intelligence

3 DAML Program Semantic Web Military Applications World Wide Semantic Web Infrastructure: Tools, Applications, and Language Specific Projects, Military Applications Network Centric Warfare/ESG Web Enabled Navy Navy Doctrine/ Lessons Learned Intelink Horus Center for Army Lessons Learned Other/TBD In ProgressPrototypingPlanningFuture Foreign Clearance Guidance JBI

4 Agenda Overview of DAML activities/thrusts Transition organizations presented –Intelink Management Office - Horus Project –Center for Army Lessons Learned –Navy Development Warfare Command Command and Control Lessons Learned/Doctrine development Breakouts in areas of C2, Doctrine/Lessons Learned, and Intelligence explored additional uses of DAML Agenda with links to presentations and organizations available on

5 SWMU Participant Potential Transition Organizations Air Mobility Command Air Force Research Laboratory – Rome Center for Army Lessons Learned Commander EOD Group 2 Defense Modeling and Simulation Office Intelink Management Office Marine Corps Intelligence Activity Navy Warfare Development Command National Reconnaissance Office Office of Naval Intelligence Office of Naval Research SPAWAR Systems Center US Joint Forces Command Chief of Naval Operations N6

6 Breakout Schedule and Purpose Schedule Wednesday –0900-1100 Breakout Sessions –Out-Briefs/Discussion (suggested organizations) 1300-1320Intelligence Applications (ONI-IMO) 1320-1340Doctrine Applications/Lessons Learned (CALL/NWDC) 1340-1400 C 2 Applications (NWDC/SSC/AF-JBI) Top-Level Purpose: –Identify potential applications of the emerging Semantic Web technologies to military applications in the specific area. –Suggested themes are just that, suggestions Groups may expand purpose and themes for each specific area (Intel/LL- Doctrine/C 2 )

7 Breakout Location and Facilitators Intelligence Applications –Facilitator – Joe Rockmore, Cyladian Doctrine Applications/Lessons Learned –Facilitator – Alice Mulvehill, BBN Command and Control Applications –Facilitator – Tom Martin, Research Management Enterprises

8 Working Group Out - Briefs 20 Minutes Each Format Outline –Working Group Name/Functional Area If it expands or strays from original name, thats ok, let it grow as appropriate –Purpose (as expanded for each area) –Significant Issues –Recommendations/Plan of Action Results will be posted on

9 Summary of Actions General Actions Actions by each group will be reviewed this afternoon

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