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College Application Process The Invisible Snapshot Chicago Vocational Career Academy.

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1 College Application Process The Invisible Snapshot Chicago Vocational Career Academy

2 College Application Process School admissions policies vary greatly from schools with open admissions, which admit everyone who has the basic qualifications on a first-come, first-serve basis, to very selective schools that have only a limited number of spots for a large pool of highly qualified applicants.

3 College Application Process Here are 7 Steps in the application process:

4 College Application Process Step One: Students should apply to a least five schools, including one as a safety school where chances of getting in are good.

5 College Application Process Complete the application. Make sure all questions are answered. It is strongly suggested that you have at least one adult check the application for accuracy and completeness before they submit it whether online or by mail.

6 College Application Process Write the college essay. Make sure an adult proofreads any essay. Sometimes an English teacher will help with this.

7 College Application Process Step Two: Take (or retake) required admissions tests and make sure the scores are sent to the school.

8 College Application Process Step Three: Make sure your official transcript is sent to all the schools by the deadline.

9 College Application Process Step Four: Make sure you have the college application fees, or fee waivers (check with the institutions website or admissions office about application fee waivers).

10 College Application Process Step Five: Students should have meetings with teachers an/or counselors for letters of recommendation and make sure they are submitted on time. Students should have a follow-up date to check that the teachers and/or counselors have written them and a final date to make sure theyve been sent.

11 College Application Process Step Six: Get a calendar and mark on it all application pre- deadlines and deadlines.

12 College Application Process Step Seven: Set up an application filing system containing all college information and copies of applications as you complete them and financial aid information.

13 College Application Process Getting Clear on Admissions Regular Admissions : Colleges with regular admissions have an application deadline; students who apply after that are not admitted. Rolling Admission: Schools with rolling admissions do not have a deadline and generally decide on applications as they are received until schools have filled their entering classes. With rolling admissions, it may be possible to apply during the summer before the fall semester, although students run the risk that the school may be full by then. For information on rolling admissions and a list of colleges using it go to Under Search at the left of the screen, click Site. In the search box, type rolling

14 College Application Process Getting Clear on Admissions Early Decision : This is an option in which a student applies to only one school and, if accepted early, agrees to withdraw all other applications. Early Action: An alternate option in some schools in which students apply early and get an early decision. If accepted, they are not obligated to withdraw their applications to other schools, as in early decision.

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