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Post Secondary Education A Future In the Arts: Careers in the Arts and Exploring College Majors.

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1 Post Secondary Education A Future In the Arts: Careers in the Arts and Exploring College Majors

2 Get To Know Yourself!

3 Am I A Visual Artist? When it comes to making art, I am very motivated and I dont mind long hours of hard work. Art is central to my career goals. I collect images and objects that I can use to express my ideas. I want to create things never seen before. Art is my favorite subject.

4 Am I A Performer? Being in front of an audience excites me. I like to express myself through sound and movement. I find myself quoting movies and plays. People often say that I am the life of the party. I watch reality TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and think…I CAN DO THAT.

5 Am I A Culinary Artiste? Cooking at home is a hobby of mine. The Food Network is my favorite TV channel. I often think about opening up my own restaurant or café. I love working with my hands. Testing new spices and ingredients excites me.

6 Now think of CAREERS in the Arts! Do I want to study art in college? Can I execute my skills for the long haul? Is passion for my artistry more important than status and money? Where do I see myself in 5, 10, or 15 years? What is the salary range for my desired career and what degree will I need?

7 Careers in Dance Dance Studio Owner Dance Therapist Public Relations Specialist Stage Manager Talent Agent Promoter

8 Careers In Theater Carpenter Costume Designer Miniature Set Designer Booking Manager Make-up Stylist Clown Announcer Puppeteer

9 Careers In Music Sound Technician Concert Promoter Record Label Staff: Publicist, Marketing, Sales Road Manager Jingle Writer Film Scoring

10 Culinary & Hospitality Careers Executive Chef Resort Executive Director Cruise Ship Hospitality Manager Saucier Sommelier Pastry Chef Restaurant Owner

11 How to choose a College & Program that is right for you!

12 Art School Commitment to art Students are Focused on a career in art Most offer BFA degree programs Broad range of art specializations Comparatively small-intimate supportive campus

13 Liberal Arts College You are offered an education that exposes you to a variety of topics in addition to art Are often small private institutions Most offer a BA/BS degree programs; some offer BFA degree programs Other options include: humanities, social sciences, languages, mathematics

14 Public Universities Typically large in size Funded by the state Offer a wide range of majors and minors Options include; Communications, Laboratory Sciences, Business, Engineering

15 Choosing a Program! What do you need to do to get in: Portfolio, Audition, and/or an Interview? How will the program help prepare you for a career in your field? Is there adequate studio space, rehearsal space etc? Is there equipment up-to-date? Will you learn from professionals in your field? Does the program allow for professional leave and/or internships?

16 Portfolio Development Talk to a representative from the college to determine what they are looking for in a portfolio Create CDs with digital images All 2-D Drawings and Paintings should be scanned Take pictures from various angles with adequate lighting Include the title, medium, and date on all your pieces

17 Auditions & Interviews Talk to a college representative prior to the audition Bring a Resume and a Head Shot Be prepared to do a live audition and or bring in a recorded audition Dress accordingly Practice Bring a positive attitude!

18 DEGREES! Whats the Difference? Associates Degree: A.A.= Associate in Arts A.S. = Associate in Science Bachelors Degree B.A. = Bachelor of Arts B.S. = Bachelor of Science B.M. = Bachelor of Music B.F.A = Bachelor of Fine Arts

19 Remember: In order to be truly successful in your field you need to continue your education. Attend College Fairs and Career Fairs. Choose a college program that fits your needs. Talk to professionals in your field. Try to visit the school of your choice before you make a decision. Do an Internship! Do your research and ask questions!

20 Attend a College Fair or Two! 2009 National College Fair, Saturday, October 3 rd, 11:00-3:00 PM at Navy Pier, 600 East Grand Ave. 2009 Chicago Performing and Visual Arts College Fair Saturday, October 10 th, 1:00-3:00 PM at Roosevelt University, Auditorium Building, 430 S. Michigan Ave. National Portfolio Day Saturday, October 25 th, 10:00-2:00 PM at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 280 S. Columbus Dr. ASM/AAEP Gallery 37 College Fair Wednesday, November 25 th, 2:30-6:30 PM at Chicago Cultural Center – GAR Hall, 78 East Randolph St.

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