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Grade 11 University/College Planning Night

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1 Grade 11 University/College Planning Night
Simeon Career Academy Counseling Office Counselor Swap December 8, 2011 Dr. Deborah Beasley, NMC Professional School Counselor

2 Overview Meet with your counselor Review responsibilities The career/university search The university list Financial Aid/Scholarships College procedures What to do now?

3 *****************************
Meet your Counselors ***************************** ******************************* Ms. Menyette Baker Dr. Deborah Beasley Mrs. Norma Levin Simeon Career Academy Cedric Muhammad Ms. Constance Paprocki Mrs. Sharon Rawls Post Secondary Coach RobertWilliams

4 Responsibilities – Student
Begin the process of selection EARLY Gather and organize information on application requirements Schedule individual meetings with your counselor Ask teachers for letters of recommendation Register for all required testing Watch deadlines Attend College Fairs Stay in touch!

5 Responsibilities – Family
Assist students in gathering information Discuss financial restrictions and prepare necessary financial documentation Assist students in managing deadlines Get students to College Fairs Proofread essays Keep an open mind

6 Responsibilities – Counselor /PSC
Provide guidance and support through the selection and application process Complete required counselor references Send all school documentation on behalf of the student to universities Invite universities to Simeon and provide students with upcoming information on university related events

7 What to Expect From Your Counselor
“Information on College Fairs” “College Countdown” University visits & the event bulletin board College Visits Individual meeting with parents/students in the spring (make an appointment) Individual meeting with parents/students in the fall (make an appointment) Regular s – keep an eye out! School library, College Lab

8 CHOOSEYOURFUTURE.ORG Web-based university search and application tool Tutorial for all Grade 11 students What are the features of Choose your Future? SCHOLARSHIPS Personality/Career Inventories University searches University info* Resume help University visits Financial Aid Info

SCHOLARSHIPS Personality/Career Inventories University searches University lists* Resume help University visits Transcript Requests* Financial Info

10 Career Research It is important to learn as much about and as many careers as possible over the next year Career Day My College Options Survey WHAT’S NEXT ILLINOIS Personality/Career Surveys Do not be afraid if you still haven’t identified the “perfect job” for you! (Keep searching)

11 Terminology Different parts of the world have different philosophies and terminology when it comes to selecting your academic path INSTATE SCHOOLS “College” vs. “University” “Major” and “Minor” OUT OF STATE SCHOOLS “College” vs. University” “Faculty” “Course”

12 Bachelor of Science vs. Bachelor of Arts
What is the difference between a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts? Equally strong programs BS: Usually involves more technical fields (sciences, architecture, engineering, etc.) Usually, more “specific” coursework is required BA: Normally includes languages, literature, humanities and history More “electives” are usually allotted

13 The University Search My College Options
WHAT’S NEXT ILLINOIS Resources listed in “Explore Careers” My College Options University websites – Admissions Office US: The College Board CHOOSE YOUR FUTURE Universities and Colleges Admissions Services NAME OF UNIVERSITY University websites

14 What’s Next Illinois What's Next Illinois
What’s Next Illinois continued: College advice, college admission applications, pay for college, financial aid, scholarships, apply online for admission, online applications…. Career Planning College advice, college admission applications, pay ... Scholarships/Financial Aid Planning Explore Careers College advice, college admission applications, pay ... What's Next Illinois - Test Prep College Planning

15 What to Look for in a University
A good match for YOU LOCATION Educational Philosophy Cost Size Academic Offerings Social Atmosphere Selectivity Can you see yourself there?

16 The Final University List
Balance, Balance, Balance! “Reach” “Target” “Safe” Timeline

17 What is a University Looking For?
A strong transcript is the most important piece of the application Standardized testing (SAT/ACT/TOEFL) Extracurricular accomplishments Letters of Recommendation Essays FIT

18 Parts of the Application – Transcript
What does a transcript include? How does a university evaluate a transcript? What classes should I be taking in Grade 12?

19 Standardized Testing ACT - Reading, Math, English, Science, Writing
All Grade 11/Junior students should take the ACT in April – SAT I – March 31st is the registration deadline. Register at SAT II - Subject Tests Other dates – June , 2012 October 9, 2012 November 6, 2012 December 4, 2012 TOEFL – Who should take which tests?

20 Extracurricular Involvement
Does it matter? How to present extracurricular involvement? Is it too late to get involved?

21 Letters of Recommendation
How many letters of recommendation do I need? Which teachers should I ask? What makes a good letter of recommendation?

22 The Essay/Personal Statement
START EARLY! Generate ideas using known essay prompts – “Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken and its impact on you.” “Discuss an issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.” ADVICE: Write a draft this summer and be prepared to show your parent, teacher/ counselor when you return to school in the fall. Attend an essay writing workshop in this year

Check with the University or College

24 SIMEON CAREER ACADEMY What is a foundation year?
Apply online for up to 5 COLLEGES OR UNIVERSITIES Early Decision November 15th and December 15th Deadline is October 15th for programs in Nursing Deadline is January 15th for all other programs SIMEON will attach required school information to your online application ON REQUEST (Common App) POST SECONDARY COACH will send your application directly to the universities of your choice

25 United States Watch the deadlines VERY carefully
Early programs vs. regular programs California other states deadlines – November 30th The Common Application What is the most important part of the application? Remember, the Universities are focused on FLEXIBILITY

26 Early Decisions Most schools have rolling admissions
All students applying to Post Secondary schools should take the ACT April, 2012 What is the most important part of the application? Apply directly to that university or college – deadlines can vary

27 City Colleges Deadlines for city colleges: Open enrollment
Harold Washington Olive Harvey Kennedy King Daley Wright Malcolm X Truman Other local colleges

28 United States Out of State In State Universities Local Universities
Most deadlines will range from Feb onwards Local Universities Most will expect applications in June after graduation. Check to see if national testing is required In State Semesters begin in either Feb/March or July/August Have all application materials gathered before you graduate

29 Submitting Your Application
The student portion of an application is better submitted online You will need to submit standardized testing through ACT or request from counselor or Post Secondary Coach How to request your transcripts and letters of recommendation be mailed?

30 Scholarships and Financial Aid
US In state vs. out of state tuition for US citizens Financial aid for U.S. citizens FAFSA (June 30th of that year (deadline) Financial aid for international students Scholarships Canada Cost for Canadian citizens vs. international students Scholarships for international students Middle East Scholarship Coordination Office Ministry of Presidential Affairs Scholarship

31 What to do now? Register for the STUDY CLASS FOR THE ACT
Think about your plans for the summer Sign-up for upcoming university visits Career Day and US College Fair Begin using What’s next Illinois Sign-up for an individual appointment with your counselor in the spring. Do your Choose your Future homework first! Begin to gather information on universities Work to your full academic potential for the remainder of the year. Every grade counts!

32 Q & A Thank you for your time and attention! Please continue to contact us and refer to your counselor for additional information.

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