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Status: Version 3.6 P.E. Ulmer 12/11/01 Hall A Analysis Workshop MCEEP.

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1 Status: Version 3.6 P.E. Ulmer 12/11/01 Hall A Analysis Workshop MCEEP

2 Internal bremsstrahlung –peaking approx. –elastic A(e,e) & A(e,eA) –discrete state/continuum A(e,ex) Eloss/Mult. Scatt. (L. Todor) –target models: –includes walls/windows up to spectrometer entrance –dE/dx+straggling & mult scatt applied at vertex for e, e and x Problem: –mean eloss (LH2) disagrees with GEANT (E. Chudakov) Energy Loss/Multiple Scattering

3 Beam Profile Intrinsic profile –energy/angle/position: offset spread (gaussian) Raster shape (F. Sabatie) –rectangular –elliptical

4 Hall A Spectrometers Momentum Transport (J. LeRose) –Define polynomials forward: target to focal plane reverse: focal plane to target can examine distributions at intermediate locations –R-functions Define polygon in (theta,phi) for grid over (y,delta) and distance function from border Remove acceptance edges, until we understand optics better Utility code to add R-function values to existing data Ntuples (M. Jones) Spin Transport –thin lens –COSY (M. Jones) Cuts/Drifts: coll./detector apertures VDCs: resolution/multiple scatt. Mispointing ala ESPACE

5 Physics Routines Several nucleon form factor models added (Version 3.7) Elastic scattering from a variety of nuclei (D. Higinbotham) 2H(e,ep)n –Added several momentum distributions –Relativistic PWBA (S. Jeschonnek) –Interpolation/file manipulation routines for use with Arenhoevel response functions Spectral functions added (K. Fissum) –16O: J. Udias –208Pb: L. Lapikas Polarization Observables (S. Strauch, M. Jones) –Scattering plane polarizations –Helicity indep./dep. observables Multiple weight Ntuples allow output from several models for single run of program

6 In Progress/To Do Incorporating COSY based model of HRS2 from SIMA (W. Hinton) Fix energy loss bug: use GEANT routines? Resolution seen in data is underestimated R-functions seem to give good agreement with data but with large event losses: improve spectrometer model

7 mceep/mceep.html mceep/mceep.html –Includes: Sources Download instructions User manual Contribution to 2001 Hall A Status Report JLAB-TN-01-025: white spectrum scans (pre- R-function analysis) More Information

8 Figures File –Page 6: 1H eloss –Page 7: 1H emiss –Page 8: 1H W –Page 9: 2H e-arm target coords –Page 10: 2H h-arm target coords –Page 12: 2H emiss File –Page 16: e-arm efficiencies (uncut) –Page 17: h-arm efficiencies (uncut) File –Page 3: e-arm efficiencies (rfn cut) –Page 4: h-arm efficiencies (rfn cut)

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