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Financing the 2013 Program-Budget Secretariat for Administration and Finance.

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1 Financing the 2013 Program-Budget Secretariat for Administration and Finance

2 Ceiling and Sources of Funding Regular Fund: $82.028 million ($81.528 net) – Estimates of Quota Income – Contribution from ICR – Contribution from FEMCIDI – Rentals, interest and deobligations – $500,000 toward Reserve Subfund Indirect Cost Recovery – Ninety percent of average collections during 2009, 2010, 2011, as per in accordance with CP RES 996 (1832/11) 2/11/20142

3 Quota Assessments$81,105,400 Less: Prompt Payment Credits(336,945) Total Net$80,768,455 Quota Contributions and ICR income FY 2011 closed with a $2.9 million deficit Budget ceiling reduced by $1,842,700 to account for member states with quotas in arrears of two years or more by June 1 st Budget ceiling could be raised by the GA in special session if such member states submit payments, but not greater than the amount needed to reach amount of net quota income above Indirect Cost Recoveries: $5,729,400 (Average of 2009, 2010, 2011 collections x 90%)

4 Contributions from FEMCIDI FEMCIDI contributes 15% of the net amount available for programming FEMCIDI pledges collected for 2010 programming cycle: $2,315,732 Contribution 15%: $302,052 Net available for FEMCIDI programming: $2,013,680

5 Contributions from ICR Contributions to the Regular Fund from the Indirect Cost Recovery account: $1.5 million $1 million less than previous fiscal periods Specific Fund Contributions from donors continue to decline

6 Other Income Rental of GSB space: $500,000 Interest income*: 100,000 Deobligations**: 700,000 TOTAL:$1,300,00 *(2011 interest income $88,000) **(2011 deobligations $694,227)

7 Reductions to funding for operations Allocation of $500,000 to the Reserve Subfund Reduction of RF posts from 471 in 2012 to 434 in 2013 Budget ceiling would be adjusted upward if member states with arrearages of two or more years submit a payment of arrears prior to the XLIII Special GA. Adjusted ceiling would not exceed the ceiling it would have otherwise attained if the total 2013 quota assessment were timely paid Personnel and non-personnel expenditures will be adjusted in proportion to any adjustment to the budget ceiling

8 RF and ICR budgets

9 Modifications to Measures to Encourage Timely Payment of Quotas Deadline for a payment plan: Changed from April 30 th to March 31 st Date a member state is considered two years in arrears: Changed from May 1 st to April 1 st Consistent with the Permanent Councils modifications to the prompt payment schedule

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