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IADC-CHS-SMS Seminar Small Arms Trafficking AG/RES 2627 (XLI-O/11) 6 – 8 February.

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1 IADC-CHS-SMS Seminar Small Arms Trafficking AG/RES 2627 (XLI-O/11) 6 – 8 February

2 IADC Seminar Program for 2012 Small Arms Trafficking (6 – 8 February) Large Scale Emergencies and Disasters (March 26 – 28) Peacekeeping Operations (30 April – 4 May) Human Rights/International Humanitarian Law (30 May – 1 June) additional information:

3 Small Arms Seminar Overview Committee on Hemispheric Security meeting (Day 1) Academic sessions at the IADC (Days 2-3) Objectives Analyze regional and national lessons learned Discuss national legislation mandates and regional agreements Examine regional coordination efforts Provide feedback to OAS committees and member states Panelists / Subject matter experts Pablo Macedo (Seminar Rapporteur); Myriam Vásquez; Samuel Logan; Callixtus Joseph; Brett Wise; Monique Randall; Bill Kullman; Natalie Goldring; Adam Isacson; Aaron Karp; Hector Guerra; Col. Andrés Santos Melo; Col Jesus Lorduy Dales Event complimented and contributed to annual CIFTA meetings

4 Observations There is a need to foster and strengthen regional approaches, accords and coordinated security responses to address illicit trafficking of small arms. There are distinct challenges in the ratification of regional agreements and in the implementation of these agreements in the field. There is great value in sharing best practices implemented at the national, bi-lateral and subregional levels. Access to information technology and shared databases is a prerequisite to implementation of other initiatives.

5 Observations There is a need for purposeful debate on illicit arms trafficking to be initiated and sustained between all relevant stakeholders. There is a need for a multi-dimensional security approach that includes a focus on societal factors. Consider using the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) as part of regional coordination efforts related to illicit arms trafficking. Border security is key to reducing the flow of small arms as well as other forms of illegal trafficking.

6 Seminar Suggestion for 2013 Border Security/Transnational Criminal Organizations Logical sequel to Small Arms Seminar Compliments CHS and SMS interests Aligns with IADC Curriculum Scheduling opportunities (February ideal; 5-7 Feb preferred)

7 IADC Update Class 51 62 Students; 15 Countries; 7 Civilians; 9 Police; 46 Military Graduation ceremony June 21, 2012 Class 52 Convenes July 30, 2012 Several under-represented countries/regions/groups IADC campus approaching maximum capacity IADC 50 th Anniversary symposium planned for October 2012

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