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Existing Conditions and Structural

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1 Existing Conditions and Structural
Organization of American States General Secretariat Secretariat for Administration and Finance Office of General Services OAS Real Property: Existing Conditions and Structural Survey Reports

2 OAS Real Property The GS/OAS manages real property with an estimated market value of $ 362.7 million
The “Pink Palace” - 16th Street and Euclid Street, N.W. The Administration Building, 19th Street and Constitution Ave., N.W The Main Building at 17th Street & Constitution Ave, N.W. The Art Museum of the Americas, 18th Street and Virginia Ave., N.W. Official Residence University Terrace, N.W Residence Annex University Terrace, N.W. The Casita - 18th and C Streets, N.W. General Secretariat Building, 1889 F Street, N.W.

3 OAS Real Property (Cont.)
The OAS real property consists of 9.3 acres (3.76 hectares) of prime DC land and 552,776 sq.ft. ( m2) of floor space. Industry standards indicate that the OAS should invest $8 million annually in maintenance and repairs (4% of $200.2 million replacement value). After years of chronic budget restrictions (in which the minor maintenance and repairs budget averaged $2.3 million per year), the General Secretariat faces a potential repair and upgrade bill of over $40.4 million.

4 OAS Real Property (Cont.)
*Construction value. **Construction value plus land value. 3 sq. ft. (1 m2)

5 Existing Conditions and Structural Survey Reports
The General Secretariat commissioned three studies to: Determine the existing structural and architectural condition of GS/OAS real property; Prioritize and maximize the use of our facilities budget; Reduce risks and preserve real property value; Define a long-term maintenance and capital investment approach; and Maximize the use of our exceedingly valuable patrimony.

6 Administration Building
Reports: Existing Conditions and Facilities Assessment Report (prepared by John Milner & Associates, Jun-Oct. 2007): Constitution Avenue complex: Main Building Museum Casita Administration Building Structural Condition Surveys (prepared by Cagley and Associates) Pink Palace (June 2007) F Street Building garage (December 2007)

7 Constitution Avenue Complex Assessment:
Because of their superior construction, all four buildings along Constitution Avenue appear to be in good condition. Nevertheless, they are deteriorating: age, environmental factors, and evolving space use requirements have resulted in the need for extensive rehabilitation and upgrades of the buildings. Some of these needs are urgent in order to preserve the structural integrity of these historic properties and to assure that they will continue to safely and effectively serve the needs of the Organization for many more years.

8 Summary of Findings: Water infiltration and drainage problems in the Main Building, Museum and Administrative Building are severe: Waste water, site storm drainage and water from the roofs are designed to exit through an underground drainage system. Much of the drainage is concealed within the buildings. All roof drainage, plumbing and site drainage systems need to be tested and repaired or replaced. Modern control equipment such as back flow preventers need to be installed to protect the buildings from an over-taxed city storm drainage system.

9 Summary of Findings (cont.)
Structural supports badly needs repairs, particularly the structure under the service drive along side the Main Building and in the underground mechanical and equipment spaces adjacent to it, are urgent.

10 Summary of Findings (cont.)
All four buildings have roof-related issues; they will only get worse if not resolved in a timely manner. The exteriors, especially of the Main Building, need major attention: failing and open exterior masonry joints must be resealed. Sealant failure is less advanced at the Administration Building but it is deteriorating.

11 Summary of Findings (cont.)
The mechanical, health, safety and accessibility of these buildings are in need of improvement: Antiquated equipment accounts for high and expensive energy consumption. Mechanical systems and equipment are deficient or no longer functioning. They fail to provide proper ventilation in many parts of the Main and Administration Buildings. Control of humidity for the storage of art work in the Museum and Casita is non-existent, leaving this important cultural investment in jeopardy.

12 Summary of Findings (cont.)
In emergency situations, all of these buildings are deficient in exit lighting and signage, as well as smoke and fire alarm systems. Up-grades to existing systems must be made to the three structures on the 17th Street block. The Administration Building will require major renovations in order to provide the recommended exit ways for safe egress in the event of an emergency.

13 Summary of Findings (Cont.)
Accessible system of walks and entrances as well as restrooms, to allow all of these buildings to meet the requirements of individuals with disabilities are needed. Appearance of the entire property should be up-graded: The walls, terraces, walks, pool, fountain and vegetation in the formal garden between the Main Building and the Museum must be rehabilitated. There are too many trees. Some are mature specimens which need to be pruned and cared for; others are sickly or “volunteers” which should be removed. The whole of the OAS property along Constitution Avenue lends itself to becoming the “Park of the Americas”, with a system of lighting and high quality, interpretive signage designed to tell the story of the Organization and project a proper image of what the OAS means to its Member States.

14 Summary of Findings (Cont.)
With the centennial of its dedication coming up in 2010, the Main Building deserves to have a thorough rehabilitation of its historic interiors and its many high-quality sculptural and artistic appointments. This is an extraordinary complex of buildings at a very prestigious site, in one of the most visited locations in the world. The beautiful Patio fountain should be completely restored, so that its original playing water jets and lights can once again animate this central space. Finishes and historic light fixtures should be cleaned and renewed. Exterior sculptures and light fixtures should be repaired, cleaned and conserved.

15 Pink Palace “Structural Condition Survey” Summary of Findings:
The building needs major maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, the building shows no obvious signs of structural distress or imminent failure, with the exception of the concrete balcony cantilevered off its east side. Nevertheless, there are indications of serious deterioration of the exterior façade and wide spread water infiltration. Based on the extent of water damage noted, the consultant anticipates that removal of the architectural finishes will reveal extreme water damage of the structure, especially within the original wood-framed portion of the facility. With continued exposure to moisture, the integrity of the structure could eventually degrade to a point where even more significant structural repairs will be required.

16 Pink Palace “Structural Condition Survey” Summary of Findings (Cont.):
There are several steel stairs and balcony elements showing signs of failure. Drainage dumped on the parking slab is starting to impact the quality of the concrete. Interior: Numerous locations show the presence of moisture or water. Moisture and water may be attributed to leaking plumbing systems, mechanical system condensate, or moisture from the exterior of the building. The grand staircase shows several cracks that may be attributed to the age of the structure and normal settlement of the wood framing.

17 F Street Building (GSB) “Garage Structure Condition Survey” Summary of Findings:
Damaged and delaminated areas of concrete. Corroded reinforcement bars. Garage was not part of the remodeling project. Requirements: Repair 8,250 sq. ft. ( m2) of slab surface. Repair 750 sq. ft. (69.68 m2) of slab soffit. Install 400 linear ft. (121.92m) of new reinforced bar. Miscellaneous electrical work.

18 Budget Estimates by Building
Existing Conditions Report Main Building $18.4 million Site Construction (pool, sidewalks, trees, parking) $ 2.2 Museum of the Americas $ 3.2 La Casita $ 0.6 Administration Building $13.6 Budget Required $38.1 Structural Survey Pink Palace $ 1.8 million General Secretariat Building Garage $ 0.6 Budget Required $ 2.4 TOTAL ESTIMATED BUDGET REQUIRED FOR REPAIRS AND UPGRADES: $40.5 million

19 Estimated Structural and Architectural Repair Costs of the GS/OAS Properties
*This Amount includes $500,000 for mechanical replacements.

20 Budget Estimates by Phase for the Constitution Avenue Complex
PHASE I* A. - $ 2.7 million This phase includes the most critical work to the Main Bldg. and site to solve flooding and moisture intrusions. Also included is a site survey, the redesign of the C Street parking lot and the installation of handicap walks and ramps to the Main Building. B. - $8.7 million All exterior masonry work, installation of a new loading elevator shaft and elevator, restoration of the patio fountain along with its structural support, plumbing and lighting systems. * Sequence based on remodeling consultant suggested phasing. Actual sequence will be determined based on a Real Property Strategy under consideration and financial resources availability.

21 Budget Estimates by Phase for the Constitution Avenue Complex (Cont.)
C. - $7.4 million All roofing and roof drainage system repairs to the Main Building, as well as a complete overhaul of the electrical system and major up-grades to the heating/ventilation and air conditioning systems. D. - $1.6 million Repair and up-grade of existing restrooms.

22 Budget Estimates by Phase for the Constitution Avenue Complex (Cont.)
PHASE II - $13.6 million All of the work identified in the report at the Administration Building and its immediate site. PHASE III - $4.1 million Work identified in the report at the Museum and La Casita, as well as the remaining site work on this block.

23 Determine financing sources
Next Steps: Develop a Real Property Strategy and Investment Plan to maximize the potential of our historic properties. Implement “Existing Conditions” repairs/upgrades within the framework of the Real Property Strategy and Investment Plan . Determine financing sources CP19578E

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