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Social and Economic Benefits: Canadas Cultural Policy Toolkit March 21, 2013.

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1 Social and Economic Benefits: Canadas Cultural Policy Toolkit March 21, 2013

2 2 Cultural Policy Context Canadians enjoy one of the most open markets for cultural products in the world Our geography, and small official language francophone population and aboriginal communities, creates special policy challenges The mandate of Canadian Heritage – which includes culture, heritage, sports and official languages - draws on universal rationales about the social and economic benefits of arts and culture

3 3 Policy toolkit Canada's broad cultural policy goals – that Canadians have access to a rich and diverse range of Canadian cultural expressions – is delivered through a range of cultural policy instruments, that evolve over time Legislation and Regulation e.g. Copyright Act, Broadcasting Act, Official Languages Act Financial support through departmental programs or arms-length funding agencies, such as the Canada Council for the Arts and Telefilm Canada Tax incentives National institutions e.g. National museums, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Library and Archives Canada Current priorities, in addition to hosting the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games in 2015, include: 1.Taking advantage of digital technology 2.Investing in our communities 3.Celebrating our history and heritage

4 4 Current project – Integrated Policy Framework linking programs to Socio-Economic Outcomes In the 2012 Budget, the Government of Canada stated that: Canadian Heritage will move to a more integrated policy framework that focuses on the socio-economic benefits that their programs offer to Canadians and their communities. Canadian Heritage is now engaged in an exercise to ensure that our work on policies and programs have links to effective socio-economic benefits The following pages outline some OECD-category metrics we are currently considering to link our programs with socio- economic outcomes

5 5 1. Social Capital Participation Opportunities to participate in sport, culture and community life Identity Pride in, attachment to, and understanding of Canada Inclusion Meeting the particular opportunities to participate in sport and culture and community life Democratic life Access to news, information; opportunities for civic engagement, and stewardship of Canadian symbols and institutions

6 6 2. Human Capital Improved personal prospects Opportunities to learn and develop talents, creativity and skills Creative talent in the knowledge economy Developing the talent of those working in culture, heritage and sport Excellence Supporting high achievement in culture, heritage and sport

7 7 3. Economic Prosperity Creative economy Employment, trade and investment in innovative and competitive enterprises in culture, heritage and sport Magnet for talent and investment Cultural, heritage and sport offerings help Canadian communities attract foreign investment and skilled workforce Tourism Cultural, heritage and sports offerings make Canada an attractive tourism destination

8 8 4. Well-being and Quality of Life Enrichment Experiences in culture, heritage and sport that are meaningful to Canadians in their diverse identities enrich their quality of life Choice Having access to a rich diversity of experiences in culture, heritage and sport contributes to a high quality of life Health Participation in sport, culture and community events contributes to physical and mental health

9 9 Cultural policy initiatives with socio- economic objectives Digital Economy Strategy Modernization of the Copyright Act Audio-visual co-production strategy Official Languages Roadmap Arts Programming Some recent initiatives on how we are using cultural policy to objectives related to economic prosperity and social inclusion:

10 Resources Digital Economy Strategy Canada Media Fund Copyright Modernization in Canada Audiovisual Co-production strategy Official Languages Roadmap Canadian Heritage Canada Cultural Spaces Fund Gordon Platt Senior Director, Strategic Policy, and International & Intergovernmental Affairs Department of Canadian Heritage 819-997-8525 10

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