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Integrated Country-Support Strategies for Effective Public Management A New Initiative in the OAS February 24 th, 2011.

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1 Integrated Country-Support Strategies for Effective Public Management A New Initiative in the OAS February 24 th, 2011

2 Improve the democratic political- electoral processes Strengthen State institutional capacity and democratic governance Risk analysis, crises prevention and conflict resolution SAP is structured in three organizational and integrated areas: DECO DSDME DGPE

3 One key for success is: Effective public management for development goals Capacities (Public and Private) Public Sector Public Policies Development Strategies Public Programs Implementation Source: Devlin-Moguillansky (2010)

4 To Better Accomplish its Mission and Have More Impacts in Member Countries DGPE: Changed name to better reflect central mission. Reorganized internal structure (concept of one team). Work Plan based on a strategy expressed in a few key programs instead of numerous small projects. Offers a new innovative flagship product: Integrated Country Support Strategies (ICSS)for Public Management. Implements internally: Result based Management DGPE

5 The Integrated Country Support Strategies" (ICSS) for Public Management: A very concrete objective: aims to strengthen in an integral way public management and institutional capacities for implementing the countrys own development goals as expressed in their development strategies/plans and legislatives mandates. Institutional Support


7 Advantages of the Integrated Country-Support Strategies OAS only responds to a government request OAS has no ex-ante prescriptions: ensures that projects in Program reflect the priorities identified by the government itself. The design of the Strategy helps governments define in an integrated way its goals and priorities for strengthening public institutions. By developing the big picture of TC needs, the Country Strategy Program allows donors to escape silos by channeling technical assistance and funding more effectively into an Integrated Program, promoting synergies, and avoiding flawed sequencing and/or duplication of effort. Potential tool to integrate work of OAS Secretariats Institutional Support

8 The following Integrated Country Support Strategy Programs are launched: 2010 Plurinational State of Bolivia (Bolivia) Paraguay 2011 El Salvador Belize Institutional Support

9 ACTUAL Core Competencies for DEPM DEPM Effective Public Management to be develop if more budget COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES FOR Political and technical Positioning Non prescriptive approach Descentralization Electronic Government Legislative Assembly Transparency Cadastre Organizational Development Institutional Arrangement to Support Public Private Policy Alliances Civil Service Professionalization Planning and Strategic Organization Techniques for Evaluation of Impact of Public Programs

10 Steps Already Taken Until Today Example: Bolivia DEPM August 2010. One week technical mission to La Paz to define and prioritize the initiatives to be integrated in a Program. As a result 30 initiatives were prioritized. June- August 2010 Elaboration of Profile I jointly between OAS and the Government of Bolivia. 4 4 5 5 September and October 2009. Bolivian Government formally requested OAS support. February 2010 Upper-management identification mission to La Paz. 1 1 2 2 3 3 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 May 2010 A two week diagnosis mission to La Paz, with 13 specialists of OAS, to identify areas of technical assistance in Ministries, the Plurinational Assembly, and the Electoral Court. September 2010. Elaboration of Profile IIs of prioritized projects of the Program. September 2010. Technical Assistance provided by OAS to the Ministry of Autonomous Territories of Bolivia in the design of the State Autonomous Service and the elaboration of its quinquenal budget. November 2010. November 19 th 2010 Signing of MOU between OAS and Government of Bolivia October 2010. OAS donated 160 laptops w/training to the Congress of Bolivia

11 Signing of MOU between OAS and Government of Bolivia Evo Morales, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia with José Miguel Insulza, OAS Secretary General, in the Signing of MOU between OAS and Government of Bolivia. November 19 th 2010

12 NEXT STEPS Finish Project Profiles (Level # 3) with our Bolivian counterparts. Launch the Steering Committee (Min. Foreign Relations, Planning, Presidency) Mobilize seed financing from OAS Budget to preserve forward motion in development of priority projects and maintain credibility of the OAS Organize an intensive and very systematic strategy of fund raising for donors.

13 The Integrated Country - Support Strategies for Effective Public Management have been designated as priority by the OAS Secretary General..... but there are key areas remaining to be consolidated for their success: Prioritization of the Integrated Country Support Strategies (ICSS) in the operational budget of the OAS. Consolidation of a DEPM team of professionals specialized in public administration.


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