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Citizen Security Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean Organization of American States Special Security Concerns of Small Island States of the.

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1 Citizen Security Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean Organization of American States Special Security Concerns of Small Island States of the Caribbean April 30, 2012

2 Crime: roadblock for development 1.Undermines democratic governance Fear, lack of trust in institutions 2.Deteriorates business climate Increases costs and decreases investment attractiveness 3.High economic costs Material losses, justice and penitentiary costs, health-related expenses.

3 In the last decade, violence rates have worsened in the Caribbean... Source: Calculations based on the Global Study on Homicide, UNODC, 2011: B Regional Average Homicide Rate per 100,000 inhabitants

4 …heterogeneous incidence 2010 estimated homicide rate per 100.000 inhabitants Source: The Nassau Guardian, January 13th 2011 Epidemy benchmark (WHO): 10 per 100.000 inhab.

5 Multiple factors affecting the security situation in the Region: 1. Socio-economic factors: -Increasingly complex criminal networks -Globalization of crime networks that transcend national boundaries -Inequality and insufficient quality jobs 2. Institutional Factors -Weakness of security institutions (police, courts, prisons) -Low Government presence

6 Crime and violence in the Caribbean: salient facts Youth disproportionately affected Prevalent around urban hotspots Impacted by transnational organized crime Multicausal problem, associated with risk factors at three levels Individual level Family level Community level Reliance on criminal justice focus has led to overcrowding of prisons

7 … affects mostly youth Gangs: 33,000 identified as being involved in over 350 gangs throughout CARICOM countries.

8 overcrowded prisons World Average (140) Prisoners per 100.000 inhabitants Source: 2009 World Prison Brief - Kings College

9 The Banks vision and mission Vision: Citizens enjoy safe and fearless lives. Mission: To support countries in improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of security policies and relevant institutions, to respond to the citizens needs for safety and tranquility.

10 Reentry and rehabilitation Education and training Corrections system carrer planning Alternative disciplinary techniques Criminal justice stregthening Partnerships with the private sector Alternative measures to imprisonment Prevention at the local level Situational prevention Community- focused activities Domestic violence prevention Youth-foused projects Police and corrections modernization Accountability and control Information gathering and analysis Technical and professional skills Recruiting Administrative planning and organization Capacity among national and local government Institutional stregthening Strategic knowledge for decision making Our working framework: a holistic approach

11 Interventions from other sectors Social Prevention Situational Prevention Police Judicial System Prison and Rehabilitation System Institutional Capacity Enhance capacities to design, manage and evaluate violence and crime prevention policies Intelligence Drug trafficking Weapons Money laundering Operations Terrorism Army In the last 15 years, the Bank has provided targeted support for the prevention of crime and violence…

12 Jamaica Guyana Trinidad & Tobago Belize CountryOperation Amount US$ m ARGENTINA Citizen Security and Social Inclusion 25 BELIZE Community Action for Violence Prevention 5 GUYANA Citizen Security Program 19.8 JAMAICA Citizen Security and Justice Program II 21 NICARAGU A Citizen Security 7.2 PANAMA Integrated Security 22.7 TRINIDAD and TOBAGO Citizen Security 24.5 CountryOperation Amoun t US$ m COSTA RICA Program for Violence Prevention and Social Inclusion 132 ECUADOR Justice and Security program 10 EL SALVADOR Justice and Security program 20 HONDURAS Justice and Security Program 20 PERÚ Citizen Security Program Loan Portfolio Pipeline 2011-12 Countries with IDB-funded security programs

13 Loans in the Caribbean Region Distribution of loans implementation in execution and implementation by subregion (% of volume in USD) Southern Cone(CSC), Andean Region (CAN), Caribbean (CCB), Central America, Mexico and Dominican Republic (CID) CountryMain area Implementation Guyana Community and crime prevention interventions Trinidad and Tobago Jamaica Design Jamaica Social prevention Lending operations in the Caribbean …

14 …promoting knowledge generation… Quality of expenditure and review of the efficiency of security spending Costs of Violence Evaluability of citizen security programs Citizen Security and peaceful coexistence indicators Network of international advisors Impact Assessment Methodology of Citizen Security PoliciesUS$1,250,000 Costs of Violence: Methodology and Implementation in Selected Countries US$220,000 Prison censusUS$ 700,000 The Impact of Social Networks in the Perception of InsecurityUS$50,000 Standardized Indicators of Crime and Violence (Phase II)US$ 50,000

15 Today the countries of the region urgently request support in three critical areas… 1. Improving information systems and data on crime and violence, so that they are complete, reliable and timely 2.Strengthening management and evaluation of public policies in the sector 3. Facilitate cooperation and exchange of experiences and knowledge

16 Information and analysis of security Institutional Management and Evaluation Regional Cooperation and Learning In response to this urgent demand, countries need a complementary instrument … 16 Offer the countries the tools they need to make their Citizen Security policies more effective.

17 … focused on three critical areas (1)… 1.Improve the quality and availability of information for effective public policy Information to measure the problem, reliable indicators, analysis of the causes and consequences of crime at the national and local level. Observatories and information systems Mechanisms to standardize indicators Victimization surveys Prison census Diagnosis on crime and violence 17

18 … focused on three critical areas (2)… 2.Use of institutional management and evaluation tools Strengthening the capacity of state institutions responsible for managing and evaluating the effectiveness of citizen security policies at national and local level. Citizen security strategies, policies and plans Identify better methodologies to appraise citizen security programs Assessment of public expenditure efficiency in security Pilot projects at the local level (including new technologies for crime prevention) 18

19 …focused on three critical areas (3). 3. Generation and exchange of knowledge Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among countries of the region through regional dialogue and bilateral technical cooperation. Facilitate south-south cooperation Forums for sharing experiences among countries of the region Expert workshops for dialogue on specific topics Support specific thematic networks Technical advisory services Support regional citizen security strategies 19

20 Expected Results The Initiative will contribute to: Support governments in the region in a timely manner and with high technical quality in the design and implementation of citizen security policies. Promoting innovation in citizen security interventions at the regional, national and local levels. Expanding the knowledge base on the phenomenon of violence and crime in order to support policies and programs for the countries. Improve evidence, monitoring and evaluation of citizen security policies and programs. Promote a more effective interagency cooperation in citizen security issues. Improve the effectiveness of the Banks support to borrowing countries in citizen security.

21 Financial Requirements 2012-2015 1. Ordinary Capital for 2012 - 2015: US$ 4 million for 2012 US$16 million for 2013-2015 (subject to allocation by the Board of Executive Directors) 2. Leveraging of other resources: Multidonor Trust Fund 3. Strategic alliances and public/private partnerships

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