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Tips and Tricks Laurie Tralle, Mary DAndrea & Marla Delaney.

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1 Tips and Tricks Laurie Tralle, Mary DAndrea & Marla Delaney

2 FOLLOW AN ISSUE What used to be the OWL is now the Issue Tracker Click on the Clients area and youll reach the Support Center page Options –Log in –Sign up for account if you dont already have one

3 Why watch an issue? If the DARS/ team cannot answer your help desk issue, we submit to the redLantern Issue Tracker for assistance. We can then notify you of the issue identity. Allows you to read the problem and the answers yourself. You receive notification of answer at same time we do.

4 Login Request account

5 Find an issue Tips: Use connectors like AND in query to filter for more than one word Check the Comments box in Query/Fields to search in the issue itself

6 Once you have the issue to track Click Watch it link – Watching area will then say: You are watching this issue. You will be notified of all changes. Select the Stop watching link when you wish to stop watching the issue.Stop watching

7 DISPLAYING WARNING MESSAGE ON AUDIT There are many ways to warn students that their audit is still being tested. Using Runstatus in COM. Every audit run using that COM contains same message at beginning of the body of the audit Runstatus of T displays TESTMESS – default language is WARNING: THE AUDIT IS CURRENTLY IN TEST STATUS Customize message by using COM setting TESTMESS – 50 byte field

8 Sample default appearance

9 Customized message - TESTMESS

10 HIDING REJECTED COURSES I want the Select from list to appear in the sub-requirement. I dont want the Reject course to be listed separately in the Select from area of this one sub- requirement. Solution – set the Accept/Reject Control (SELRA) field to a value of R.

11 Requirement example

12 SELRA setting – Reporting tab Alternate view of sub-requirement

13 Audit views With no SELRA set With SELRA set to R


15 CANADIAN SCHOOLS IN Log on with Admin account Select About

16 Canadian schools in To Support Center

17 Canadian schools in Click on Return to the home page

18 Canadian schools in Click on Functional Information Click on International Schools

19 Canadian schools in Codes are requested by the client Complete short survey You will need: institution name, address, and URL

20 Canadian schools in u.Select will Email you CSIS (college) number or USIS (university) number

21 Canadian schools in Canadian schools codes are 6 numbers Do not require the I

22 Canadian Schools in


24 Transfer Articulation Data Entry Mouse: Edit function Add TA Segment

25 Transfer Articulation Data Entry Keyboard: Alt+E, then Alt+S

26 UPDATING MnSCU TA TABLES Request New Course Inserts for or MNTC or all new courses

27 Update MnSCU TA Tables New Courses inserted with Target course of ACYR0708 New course Hidden at Rule level Receive List of New Courses

28 Update MnSCU TA Tables Change inserted ACYR0708 Target course to your course. Remove Hide Status

29 Update MnSCU TA Tables Curriculum Changes for all types of changes

30 Update MnSCU TA Tables Adjust TA tables with dropped courses, title changes, MnTC changes.

31 Update MnSCU TA Tables End-date course

32 Update MnSCU TA Tables Add current course, with dates, after earlier, end-dated course


34 IDENTIFYING EXCEPTIONS Multiple exceptions of same type No way to identify which one you want to review/edit

35 Copy & Paste More detail

36 Memo: –What the exceptions pertains to at a glance –Helpful when multiple staff are entering exceptions –More room for details about exception –Not visible on the audit

37 Note: –Only 27 characters for brief note –Used for Title matches –Reported on the DARS Exception Report

38 EXPORT TA TRICK Ever want to export a single course, rather than all courses? Export less than all of the courses by selecting X Marked For Transfer and save.

39 On DA0001CP in ISRS, process as you would normally (Export=L) Only the course(s) you marked for transfer will be exported to ISRS.



42 REMEMBER THE RUN BAR? Used to be required to run the Transfer Articulation process. Added functionality in DA0001CP – put either an A or an E in the DARwin Report Options User ID field instead You can use the Run Bar to limit the run parameters of degree audits

43 Run Bar

44 Student Tab: Put first student # in & force program if needed: Specify COM

45 Report Tab: Typical audit run is S:

46 Limiting the parameters: Report field

47 Click the Run Audit button

48 Clear all the fields in the Articulation tab

49 Next - - DA0001CP Put in your GR OUTPUT batch file – OR – in the second field put in up to 25 more tech IDs PLUS, you must put your DA user ID in the DARwin Report Options User ID field. Select your delivery method.


51 Results? Audits produced are limited to the Run Bar Reports field parameters, in this case only audits where ALL REQUIREMENTS ARE COMPLETE

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