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The Trust for the Americas

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1 The Trust for the Americas

Nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization established in 1997 and affiliated with the OAS through a cooperative agreement. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. the Trust is also incorporated in Colombia, making all donations to The Trust in these countries tax deductible Presence in Mexico and Canada as of 2013 (under board review) Trust staff is made up of 35 highly qualified professionals of 15 nationalities based in 8 countries in the hemisphere

3 Manatt, Phelp & Phillips, LLP
Who we are The Trust’s Board of Directors is comprised of senior officials from the OAS and leading executives from prominent companies including: Copa Airlines Stanley Motta Chairman Microsoft Hernán Rincon President, Microsoft Latin America Chevron Ali Moshiri President, Chevron Africa and Latin America Western Union Joseph Cachey III Acting General Counsel AES Corporation Andrew Vesey Executive Vice President and Regional President of Latin America Diageo Randy Millian President, Latin America and Caribbean Portland Holdings Inc Michael Lee Chin ENSE Group Enrique Segura Founding President of the Trust CEO Manatt, Phelp & Phillips, LLP June Langston DeHart Partner

4 Organizational Chart (see bios on annex)

5 What we do Promote economic opportunity, citizen security and good governance in Latin America and the Caribbean through programs that build the capacity of individuals and civil society organizations. Programs are currently implemented through local partner organizations in 22 countries. Alignment with OAS policy priorities is ensured by compliance with OAS PEC rules

6 Grown from 2 centers in 1 country in 2008 to 125 in 22 countries.
SIGNATURE PROGRAMS POETA (Partnership in Opportunities for Employment through Technology in the Americas): Grown from 2 centers in 1 country in 2008 to 125 in 22 countries. More than 350,000 people have benefitted from program to date. More than 500 companies, 65 universities and 120 local partners participate in the program Model public private partnership funded by: Microsoft, AES, USAID, Government of Canada and FOMIN. Centers achieve job placement/continuing education rates of up to 50%

Following the POETA model, the Trust works with at-risk youth in the Eastern Caribbean, El Salvador and Guatemala. The program has provided opportunities for over 20,000 youth and their families, resulting in a reduction of criminal and dropout rates. Major expansion of program focused on improving employment rates for graduates, in particular young women and youth living in rural communities to be launched in 2013 Next step: 2013: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina 2014: Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Domican Republic and Panama Mi LLave Promote social inclusion and reconciliation between former paramilitary combatants, displaced populations, their families and receiving communities in Colombia. It has facilitated an increased acceptance of the demobilized by the private sector. And provided an incentive for participants not to rejoin paramilitary groups. Over 30,000 people have been impacted by the initiative. Next Step: Adapted to work with communities affected by violence in Central America

ECUADOR 3 Centers PERU 3 Centros ARGENTINA 2 Centros EL SALVADOR 6 Centers HONDURAS 1 Center PANAMA 2 Centers HONDURAS 1 Center PUERTO RICO (1) AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (2): 3 Centers MÉXICO 25 Centers EASTERN CARIBBEAN 8 Centers ANTIGUA Y BARBUDA (2) DOMINICA (1) SAN KITTS & NEVIS (1) SAINT LUCIA (1) SAINT VINCENT & THE GRENADINES (2) GUATEMALA 7 Centers EL SALVADOR 5 Centers BRAZIL: 2 Centers COSTA RICA 4 Centers POETA nace de una transición entre la experiencia del TRUST y su aplicación a través de un piloto que permitió medir y ajustar las variables principales, para la expansión propia del programa a nivel hemisférico, luego de identificar los principales factores y actores que deben intervenir. Como proyecto, siempre hay un proceso de aprendizaje y continuo mejoramiento, que a través del donante ha permitido ir avanzando no solo la implementación, sino la evaluación y replicación de los objetivos del programa VENEZUELA: 7 Centers PANAMA 2 Centers COLOMBIA 20 Centers: 9 POETA 11 (Mi Llave) ECUADOR 4 Centers PERU 4 Centers ARGENTINA 2 Centers 8

Armando Paz Building a Culture of Peace Among Central America’s Youth Promoting Access to Justice in Nicaragua and Honduras Journalism, Citizenship and Democracy Promoting a Culture of Labor Rights Compliance and Fair Trade Practices Capacity Building for Afro-Colombian NGOs Promotion of Labor Rights: Educate businesses and labor unions of their rights and responsibilities under CAFTA Build the capacity of civil society organizations and media to promote labor rights and report on labor rights violations under CAFTA. The program has reached 135 Civil Society Organizations, 213 businesses and 144 labor unions. Freedom of Expression and Access to Information Builds the capacity of media outlets, watchdog NGOs and journalist to report on transparency and the government function Promotes the adoption of quality standards of reporting for journalists, media outlets and schools of Journalism Build the capacity of Civil Society organizations to advocate for legislative reforms on transparency and access to information. The program has reached 2,500 journalist, 45 schools of communication, and 65 civil society organizations in 20 countries.

10 Program implementation per geographic area
2011 2012

11 Comparative Contributions: The Trust – OAS FY 2009-2013

12 Comparative Contributions: The Trust – OAS FY 2009-2013 (Cash to Cash)

13 Trust as Source of Supplemental Funding for The OAS
Raises funds for Joint programs such as: Training program for at risk youth with SMS Labor Program in the CAFTA Countries with SEDI FTA Colombia Program with SEDI Serves as channel for tax deductible contributions to OAS programs. For example: $250k Contribution to OAS Centennial from Trust Board Members $78k Contribution to International Legal Department for Model Access to Information Law $2M raised with USAID for OAS project in Haiti $200k project for OSI on behalf of Special Rapporteur $100k University of Illinois grant to OAS Science and Technology Contributes to OAS ICR Over $950k over 5 years

14 Private Sector Participation in The Trust/OAS Initiatives
Signature OAS/Private Sector program: POETA $10 million from private sector donors over the past 5 years (US$ 5 millions in cash) The Trust’s training and employment modules are designed jointly with the private sector to respond to job placement needs Partnerships with businesses in CAFTA-DR countries for the introduction of labor compliance standards and with Colombian Businesses to introduce human rights standards to corporate practice Raised $400k for OAS drug study Organized and hosted first high level dialogue between ministers of public security and private sector representatives to promote joint initiatives focused on improving citizen security in the hemisphere.

A bottom up approach with Civil Society to promote OAS mandates An agile mechanism to implement programs in priority areas determined by the OAS and its Member States A gateway to private sector participation in OAS activities A supplemental source of funding for OAS Departments

16 Videos Trust institucional video
POETA Youth Mi Llave: Mi Llave Stories:

17 Annex – Trust for the Americas Senior Staff Bios
Linda Eddleman, Chief Executive Officer - Linda Eddleman serves as the CEO of The Trust for the Americas.  Ms Eddleman she develops and implements the organization’s annual strategic plan and conducts fundraising activities with public and private sector donors. During her tenure at the Trust, the Trust expanded operations to 22 countries, built a diverse and high-profile board, and increased its budget five-fold. Prior to her work at the OAS, Ms. Eddleman served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Economic Affairs at the Western Hemisphere Bureau as well as a Special Negotiator at the State Department.  Before joining the State Department, Ms. Eddleman was a Senior Trade Policy Advisor at the Treasury Department and before that a White House Fellow, serving as the special assistant to the Deputy U.S. Trade Representative.  She also established, and led on a volunteer basis, a mentoring program for children at the Hispanic Committee of Virginia Ms. Eddleman earned a J.D. from Stanford Law School where she served on the Law Review. She earned a B.A. from the University of Virginia and did post-graduate research with a Fulbright Scholarship in Barcelona, Spain.  She is licensed to practice law in New York, D.C. and California and is fluent in English and Spanish. Darío Soto Abril, Chief Operating Officer - Dario Soto serves as the Chief Operating Officer of The Trust for the Americas. He oversees the implementation of democracy, governance and development programs in more than 21 countries in the Western Hemisphere. Mr. Soto has co-authored the book, "Mexico: Indicators of Quality Journalism" and recently published an article on access to information in the OAS International Law course book. He holds an LLM degree from Tulane University (New Orleans) and a Diploma in Mass Media and World Politics from the Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C.  Mr. Soto is a member of the International Law section of the American Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association. He is licensed to practice law in Colombia and the State of New York (USA) and is fluent in Spanish and English. David A. Rojas Mejía, Director, Business Development & Marketing - David A. Rojas was the architect of the Partnership in Opportunities for Employment in Technology for the Americas (POETA). He now leads the Trust’s business development and marketing unit, focusing on developing new partnerships, managing donor relations and outreach. In his 10 years working at Before joining The Trust, Mr. Rojas ran his own consulting firm which operated in Colombia and Panama. Mr. Rojas has a degree from Los Andes University in Colombia in Industrial Engineering and an International Executive Master in Business Administration from Georgetown University. Mr. Rojas is fluent in English and Spanish.  Maria Liliana Mor, Economic Opportunities Program Manager - Mrs. Mor is a Program Manager at Trust for the Americas/OAS for the POETA program. She oversees the implementation of the POETA program in 14 countries in Latin America, supervises and guides coordinators and local organizations in the establishment and operation of technology community centers for underserved populations. Before joining the Trust, Maria consulted on international development and public policy for the Inter-American Development Bank, the Pan-America Health Organization and the World Bank. Ms. Mor earned a B.A in Government and Foreign Affairs from la Universidad Externado de Colombia. She also holds a masters degree in Public Administration and International Development Management from American University. She is fluent in English and Spanish. Claudia González Bengoa, Citizen Security Program Manager, In House Counsel - Ms. Gonzalez currently leads the Trust’s Citizen Security Unit focused on managing the Trust’s youth at risk initiatives. She also worked with the Trust for the Americas in the implementation of regional programs funded by US federal agencies particularly focused in the compliance of labor rights in Central America and Dominican Republic.  Prior to joining the Trust, Ms. Gonzalez was a trade negotiator for the Salvadoran CAFTA- DR team and also worked as the Executive Director of the Salvadoran Apparel Association where she used her law degree and gain experience promoting Human Rights.  She holds an LLM from American University. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French. Marcello Righetto, Financial Manager - Marcello Righetto serves as the Financial Manager for the Trust for the Americas, He supports project implementation, serves as liaison to OAS DFAMS and assists with budgeting, forecasting and managing cash flow. Prior to his work at the Trust for the Americas/OAS, Mr. Righetto worked at GTECH offices in Brazil and Rhode Island. Marcello graduated in Economics at American University, Washington DC, and speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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