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Continuation of the analysis of the proposed program-budget for 2014.

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1 Continuation of the analysis of the proposed program-budget for 2014

2 Scenario mandated by the Permanent Council Difference of 535,900

3 Non-Personnel Expenses Considerations: Ceiling of 29,556.7 Determining a factor for applying a proportional reduction to each subprogram based on 2013 values. Of the amount approved in 2013 for building maintenance, 500,000 is deducted to repay the loan for remodeling the building. Securing funds to offset the impact of statutory adjustments under the "Pensions and Health Insurance" category, equivalent to 133,000 for Of the remaining amounts, funds from Chapter 12 "Conferences and Meetings" will have to be reassigned for REMJA, Multidimensional Security, CIDI, and CITEL, as well as for special Assembly sessions, and for PC and CIDI committees, with a corresponding reduction in unscheduled meetings. As stated by the SG, make transfer for repayment of the loan to the Fellowships Capital Fund.

4 ADJUSTMENT FACTOR 3.140% Office of the SG Summits Protocol Legal Services Office of the ASG Office of the GA, MC, and PC Columbus Library Int. Am. Court of HR2, ,577.42,598.4 IACHR1, CIM IIN Inter-Am. Juridical Committee IADB1, ,119.71,115.7 PADF Legal Affairs Dept. of International Law Dept. of Legal Cooperation PROGRAM2013 SCENARIO 1 TOTAL2014

5 ADJUSTMENT FACTOR 3.140% Multidimensional Security CICAD CICTE Dept. of Public Security Political Affairs SPA Administrative Section0.0 Dept. of Electoral Coop. and Obs Dept. of Sustainable Democracy Dept. Effective Public Management Personnel adjustment0.0 Integral Development SEDI Administrative Section0.0 Dept. Econ. & Social Development Dept. Sustainable Development Dept. Human Dev., Educ. & Cult5, ,300.24,310.9 CIDI Meetings (ministerial) CITEL CIP CITEL Meetings CIDI Meetings Personnel adjustment0.0 PROGRAM2013 SCENARIO 1 TOTAL2014


7 ADJUSTMEN T FACTOR 3.140% Conferences and Meetings1, , General Assembly Unscheduled meetings Permanent Council Preparatory Committee General Committee CAJP CSH CAAP Special Assembly sessions CISC Offices in member states YABT REMJA and CICAD meetings80.0 Inspector General Board of External Auditors TOTAL30,846.71, , ,020.8 SCENARIO 1 TOTAL2014 PROGRAM2013

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