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Designer Audits Organization Scholarship Recipients.

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1 Designer Audits Organization Scholarship Recipients


3 Tri Zeta Scholarship Program requirements Biology or Chemistry major Completion of a least 12 credits in BIOL/CHEM course work 3.0 Cumulative overall GPA including transfer work 3.2 Cumulative GPA for all biology and chemistry classes including transfer courses

4 TRIBETA Program

5 Sub-requirement checking for required hours and BIOL/CHEM GPA

6 Alternate GPA calculation

7 Calculate cumulative GPA

8 Remember to use appropriate x-line conditions

9 If Printing Audits… Use COM table with appropriate Incltop to avoid printing unneeded messages Determine whether Degree completion message is needed-(on COM table, line OKMESS) On sample, if requirements are met then the message states MAY MEET REQUIREMENT FOR SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY

10 Run report in ISRS-individual run

11 Results of Audit

12 Run Report for Group-Ability to use analysis tables in results

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