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Academy for Green Microenterprise Development Peer Network Funded by the U.S SBA Program for Investments in Microentrepreneurs (PRIME) Program Emerging.

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1 Academy for Green Microenterprise Development Peer Network Funded by the U.S SBA Program for Investments in Microentrepreneurs (PRIME) Program Emerging Practices in Green Microenterprise Training

2 Agenda for Today 1.Introductions 2.Goals and Objectives of a Green Microenterprise Program 3.Program Design: curriculum content, learning objectives, delivery, fees, partners, etc. 4.Client Examples 5.Q&A

3 Welcome Our Guest Presenters! Richard Eidlin, Founder Greater Good Academy Monika Taparia, Green Business Program Manager Anew America Community Corporation


5 Greater Good Academy is a 8-week business development training program for low- and moderate income entrepreneurs, focused on building triple bottom line companies Launched in 2010 – Academies held in Spring, 2010, Fall, 2010, Winter, 2011 Fall Greater Good Academy – 9/20 – 11/8

6 The Need Unemployment = 15 to 35% in underserved communities in Denver Small Businesses create more than 75% of all jobs in Colorado Difficulty in securing financing Lack of resources, role models

7 Greater Good Academy Goals Incubate triple bottom line, early stage entrepreneurs from underserved communities. Increase economic self- sufficiency. Strengthen communities Develop TBL Business Plans that can secure financing.

8 8-Week Curriculum Business Case for Sustainability Building a Triple Bottom Line Business Plan Making a Profit, Doing Good Telling Your Story/ Marketing, Communications Building an Effective Organization Engaging Your Community Reducing Your Environmental Impact Class Presentations Public Showcase – 9 th week

9 SOCIAL Factors Describe how your company/organization will contribute to improving the quality of life in the communities where you are located. Describe how your programs, policies and ethical standards will enhance the well being of your employees, business partners and community members. Identify community organizations and issues that your company will support. Identify your values, ethics and responsible business practices that help to define your identify and shape your brand. Describe community relationships (suppliers, banks, vendors) that help to build a strong local economy.

10 ENVIRONMENTAL Factors Describe how your company will minimize adverse environmental impact. Describe how your company will conserve natural resources. Identify how your production processes reduce environmental impact.

11 Special Features A standard Triple Bottom Line Business Plan format for entrepreneurs to model their own plans on. A professional coach who offered insight into personal values for being a successful entrepreneur. Additional financial metrics Impact Evaluations of entrepreneurs by University of Denver students.

12 Faculty Socially Responsible Businesses Namaste Solar Downing Street Garage Snooze Restaurant Blue Star Recycling RMMFI Mile High Business Alliance Regis, DU

13 Greater Good…..In Action!

14 Greater Good Academy Mentors Range of Disciplines/Skills Attorneys. Finance, Marketing, Designers, Retail, Business Development 5 hour, 3 month commitment

15 Public Showcase: The Triple Bottom Line Moves Ahead The Academy culminated on November 16th with a public showcase of entrepreneurs and panels on Business Ethics and Strategies for Building a Socially Responsible Company. Four of the GGA entrepreneurs presented their triple bottom line (tbl) business plans. Denvers Office of Economic Development handed out certificates to each of the Academys entrepreneurs.


17 Types of Green Businesses Organic baking flour company Art therapist Real estate developer Interior design Green home repair Day care Health conscious deli Health care Urban media and Social entrepreneur

18 Pipeline Partners

19 Richard Eidlin 303-478-0131 Contact Information

20 AnewAmerica offers a holistic three-year program, the Virtual Business Incubator. Assists new Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area to establish or expand microbusinesses, build personal assets for the sustainability of their families, and develop the community assets necessary to support the political, social, and cultural empowerment of their communities. Based in Berkeley, San Jose, Richmond, Oakland


22 Green Business Program Program Mission: To educate and encourage AnewAmericas entrepreneurs to adopt green, sustainable business practices that facilitate ecological conservation, healthy environments, strong community development, and a vibrant local economy. AnewAmerica has offered Green Business curriculum to nearly 450 entrepreneurs enrolled in our Business Planning Classes.

23 Program Components Green Business Curriculum Green Business Certification Program Green Business Action Plan Special Green Business Workshops 1:1 Technical Assistance Special Benefits

24 Curriculum


26 Green Business Certificate programCertificate AnewAmericas Green Business Certificate program is designed to support entrepreneurs as they seek regional Bay Area Green Business certification. Examples of ecologically-conscious goods and services include: green housecleaning; Fair Trade handicrafts made from organic, natural, and non- toxic materials; organic, Fair Trade canvas reusable shopping bags; Tibetan rugs dyed with natural minerals; and centerpieces created from reused materials.

27 Green Business Success Stories

28 Partners AnewAmerica's partner organizations in the field of green business include The Bay Area Green Business Program Recology Green Cafe Network Urban Solutions Contra Costa Child Care Council Center for Green Business (Richmond)

29 Contact Monika Taparia Green Program Manager Phone: 510-540-7785 Ext. 313

30 Bring on the Questions and Discussion!

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