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1 I&R Gumbo – Engaging & Adding Volunteers into the Mix for Disaster Response United Way 2-1-1 United Way of Northeast Louisiana.

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1 1 I&R Gumbo – Engaging & Adding Volunteers into the Mix for Disaster Response United Way 2-1-1 United Way of Northeast Louisiana

2 2 Presenter Jan Wawrzyniak, 2-1-1 Director United Way 2-1-1 1201 Hudson Lane Monroe, LA 71201 Email: Phone: 318.998.9208

3 3 GUMBO Noun: noun gum-bodef: a spicy chicken or seafood soup thickened typically with okra or rice

4 4 GUMBO noun: gum-bo def: any of various fine-grained silty soils that become waxy and very sticky mud when mixed with water.

5 5 ABOUT UNITED WAY 2-1-1 Internal United Way of Northeast Louisiana service 4 FT staff and 6 PT staff Staff live answers 24/7 2011 annual call volume = 27,000 Serves 15 parishes, total population of 400,000 2-1-1 since 2004

6 6 PURPOSE, PROCESS & PAYOFF Purpose: To share information about using volunteers for disaster I & R response Process: Presenter and group participation for 87 minutes Payoff: Gain ideas and tools for effective use of volunteers.





11 11 HURRICANES GUSTAV/IKE VOLUNTEERS COMMENTS I was so grateful to have the opportunity to do something practical. I saw the advertisement in the paper and thought to myself,I can do that. It is a good idea to match the way a person volunteers with her talents. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to do that.

12 12 PEOPLE VOLUNTEER MOST OFTEN: Because someone asked!

13 13 BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERS Dont ever question the value of volunteers. Noahs ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic by professionals! Source: Unknown

14 14 THE VALUE OF VOLUNTEERS 12,000 hours =38 FTE => $200,000 (Katrina/Rita volunteers)

15 15 DISASTER VOLUNTEER PLAN Capacity Job Descriptions Policies Recruitment Training Management

16 16 MANAGING THE SURGE Excerpt: A part of the planning process not articulated by existing and experienced 2-1-1s is determining the threshold at which the organization can no longer manage the calls without additional assistance. Deciding the threshold ahead of time will prepare the organization for making the call to request assistance. This decision as a part of a pre-determined plan has two benefits: (1) It can, in part, alleviate some of the feelings of inadequacy; and (2) and increase the feeling of managing the disaster rather than it managing the organization.

17 17 MANAGING THE SURGE CONTD Consider the following situations: - When the call volume has been sustained for more than three days and staff is handling more than a hundred calls each per day? - When the abandonment rate reaches 10%, 25% or 50% for more than 24 hours? - When the staff begin showing the effects of stress (anger, giddiness, fatigue, depression)?

18 18 VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTION What we offered during Hurricanes Katrina/Rita

19 19 DISASTER VOLUNTEER JOBS Hurricanes Katrina/Rita Administrative ServicesLanguage Translation Services Cleaning ServicesReport Writing Clerical ServicesResource Assistants Counseling ServicesTechnical Services Donation Management ServicesTransportation Services Food ServicesVolunteer Matching Housing ServicesVolunteer Project Leaders Information & Referral Services

20 20 DISASTER VOLUNTEER JOBS Hurricanes Gustav/Ike Clerical Services Food Services Information & Referral Services Resource Assistants

21 21 VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title:Laugh Leader Supervision:Reports to Conference Presenter Location:AIRS Conference, Workshop D-4 Purpose:To create envy in neighboring workshops; To de-stress Duties:Lead laughter when directed Qualifications:Likes to laugh, laughs a lot, has a unique laugh, or can laugh on cue Time Required:3 times between 10:30 – 11:45 Training:No special training required

22 22 VOLUNTEER POLICIES Confidentiality Work Conduct - Code of Ethics - Work Hours - Attendance - Equipment Use Workplace Environment - Harassment - Complaint Procedures - Building Security - Weapons - Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking

23 23 RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS Katrina/RitaGustav/Ike 130 from 25 statesVirtual volunteers 400+ local volunteers150 local volunteers

24 24 RECRUITING PLACES Volunteer Centers Universities Civic/Service Clubs Faith Organizations AmeriCorps CERT Corporate Call Centers

25 25 VOLUNTEER TRAINING Is abbreviated Includes disaster planning info Spells out expectations of all Subject specific Provides real life /typical examples Includes hands on practice

26 VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT Scheduling Supervision Record Keeping Termination Stress Management 26

27 27 HOW TO RETAIN GOOD VOLUNTEERS Gauge customer satisfaction - formal evaluations - exit interviews Listen to volunteers - suggestion box - focus groups post disaster Do what they suggest - feasible, affordable, logical, helpful Thank, thank, thank volunteers Recognize volunteers


29 29 RESOURCES Volunteer Job Descriptions – AIRS Disaster Response Team Training Manual Volunteer Recruitment Message – Hands on Connect Volunteer Surge Management - Managing the Surge United Way 2-1-1 Disaster Volunteer Training - AIRS Tool Kit National Corporation for Community Service Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

30 30 LAST QUOTE! Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

31 31 THE END! Q & A Complete evaluations THANK YOU Your time and attention is greatly appreciated!

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