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Fundamental Concepts Creating Collaborative Community I&R Services: Partnering Between 2-1-1s & ADRCs.

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1 Fundamental Concepts Creating Collaborative Community I&R Services: Partnering Between 2-1-1s & ADRCs

2 CAJUN AREA AGENCY ON AGING AGING & DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER One of 13 ADRC Pilot Sites Cajun AAA received the grant in 2003

3 232-HELP / Louisiana 211 First comprehensive Information and Referral Agency in Louisiana First 2-1-1 Center in Louisiana – 4 th in the U.S. One of six 2-1-1 Centers in Louisiana Louisiana 2-1-1 Collaborative Efforts

4 Wisconsin AIRS Conference Made a connection with a 2-1-1 employee

5 Signed a Memorandum of Understanding Opportunity to meet Jewell Lowe – brought the 1 st 2-1-1 to Louisiana Agreed to partner to provide collaborative I & R services in our area Signed MOU

6 What is Collaborative Initiative? The processes, activities, and relationships in which a group and its members engage in collaboration. Collaboration is defined as a mutually beneficial and well-defined relationship entered into by two or more organizations to achieve common goals.

7 Primary Objectives Increasing the understanding and importance of what collaboration really means; Increasing the knowledge of collaborative opportunities available between 2-1-1s and ADRCs Increasing the consistency and quality of information between 2-1-1s and ADRCs for benchmarking and effective messaging regarding I&R development and service Increasing the opportunities in obtaining grants based upon collaborative efforts between agencies 7

8 Why Collaborate Shared Concern Pool Power Overcome Gridlock (get unstuck) Add Diversity Increase Ability to Handle Complex Issues

9 Quotes on Collaboration None of us is as smart as all of us » Edward C. Register, 1915 Cooperation! What a word! Each working with all, and all working with each. » Warren Bennis, 1996 Collaboration is damn tough » Focus group participants, 1997 » All quotes from Medicine and Public Health: The power of collaboration, Lasker, et al.

10 Networking – Exchanging information for mutual benefit. Coordinating – Networking and altering activities to achieve a common purpose. Cooperating – Coordinating and sharing or pooling resources. Collaborating – Cooperating and enhancing the capacity of another for mutual benefit to achieve a common purpose. (Himmelman) Competing – Exchanging some amount of information, but not proprietary information; altering activities to meet own needs; sharing resources minimally or with a hidden agenda.

11 Roles of 2-1-1 and ADRCs 2-1-1 and ADRCs both play very different roles in the community.

12 Memorandums of Understanding Clarity of respective missions Visual reminder of roles and responsibilities Coordination between agencies


14 Integrated Service Delivery System: A collaborative group of local service providers who agree to deliver their services in a coordinated way to ensure broad access to community services, maximize the utilization of existing resources, avoid duplication of effort and gaps in services and facilitate the ability of people who need services to easily find the most appropriate provider. AIRS Standards Definition

15 2-1-1: Broad range of services for anyone seeking assistance ADRCs: Broad range of services for the aging and disabled, specific target areas Positioning for Accurate Referrals / Information

16 Database Sharing of Resources Information shared via AIRS affiliate ? others

17 Opportunities for Grants Grantors want coordination Grantors do not want duplication of services Grantors want measurable outcomes Grantors do not want competition


19 Keys to Successful Collaboration Good Timing Broad-based Involvement Overcoming Mistrust Clear Need Credibility Open process » Chrislip and Larson

20 Characteristics of Successful Collaboration Opportunity to participate in decision making Quantity of information exchanged Quality of information exchanged Handling of conflict Shared vision and values Satisfaction with the project Commitment to the project » Mizrahi and Rosenthal, 2001; Larson, 2002

21 Characteristics of Successful Collaboration Achieves the goal Gains recognition from (social change) target Gains community support Creates lasting network Attains longevity Acquires new skills » Mizrahi and Rosenthal, 2001; Larson, 2002

22 Questions

23 Contact 23 Lynda Southard Information Specialist Cajun Area Agency on Aging Telephone:(337) 572-8940 E-mail: Mona Gobert-Cravins, CIRS, CRS 2-1-1 Manager 232-HELP / Louisiana 211 Telephone:(337) 205-6004 E-mail:

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