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Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP) Alicia Russo NYS Military OneSource JFSAP Consultant Jolene Kent-Stanley Child & Youth Behavioral MFLC.

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1 Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP) Alicia Russo NYS Military OneSource JFSAP Consultant Jolene Kent-Stanley Child & Youth Behavioral MFLC

2 The Challenge Increased stressors on Reserve component due to current ops tempo Geographically dispersed families may be unaware of resources and supports Communities unaware of military needs and culture Perceived lack of support can result in significant disruption during periods of deployment

3 A Solution FY07 National Defense Authorization Act, Sect 675: The Secretary of Defense shall carry out a joint family support assistance program for the purpose of providing assistance to families of the members of the Armed Forces including: Financial and material assistance Mobile support services Sponsorship of volunteers and family support Coordination of family assistance programs Facilitation of discussion on military family assistance programs between and among military & civilian stakeholders

4 Authority OSD Office of Military Community & Family Policy (MCFP) Technical assistance, training and guidance Evaluates outcome measures and develops Congressional reports Support of teams co-location at Joint Force HQ Support of Total Force, Joint and Inter-Service capabilities

5 Authority Joint Family Support Resource Center (JFRC) Gather and disseminate information and resources Implement JFSAP trainings Partner with national organizations Resolve state-specific issues Scheduling of JFSAP members for events and briefings Identify issues and trends

6 JFRC Toll Free: Web: 30 Day lead time

7 Goals Create a web-enabled community that will allow families to connect with each other and supportive resources 24/7 Increase the availability of resources for families Increase awareness of members and families of resources available to them Inform command and support staff about resources and how they can be accessed Integrate services and information into a a cohesive delivery system that can be accessed at any stage of deployment

8 JFSAP Supports Emergency Financial Assistance Referral Emergency Financial Assistance Referral Inter-service Coordination Inter-service Coordination Youth/Parent Education Programs Youth/Parent Education Programs National, State & Community Referrals National, State & Community Referrals Accessing Resources & Services Accessing Resources & Services Resource Awareness Education Resource Awareness Education Advocacy Life Skills Education Life Skills Education Intervention & Counseling Intervention & Counseling

9 What Does This Mean? JFSAP team located in each state Travel throughout the state to work with all service branches Outreach and assistance to members, families & Command Information, advocacy, resources and referrals Support of other service providers Community Capacity Building

10 Partner with State, local and civilian non-profit programs Develop and maintain relationships with CPOCs Assess family needs and help ameliorate gaps in support programs Educate the civilian sector about the culture, strengths and needs of military in their community Support the building of stronger ties between the military and other support programs Connect members, families and Command with resources And…

11 Support of Military Stakeholders Develop and maintain relationships with identified MPOCs Partner with DoD approved support programs Assess and differentiate strengths and needs of varying branches and units Support mobilization, deployment and reintegration cycle Provide information resources to military support personnel Educate the military about available civilian resources to decrease redundancy in program development Whats out there and how can you use it?

12 Team Members Military OneSource Consultant (MOSC) Child & Youth Behavioral MFLC (CYB) Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC) And the choice of another position from above or a Personal Financial Consultant (PFC)

13 Military OneSource Consultant Subject matter expert regarding Military OneSource resources and programs Regional expert on community resources Connect families with mental health and financial counseling programs Develop partnerships to coordinate military and community resources Disseminate information and resources between all involved parties

14 Child & Youth Behavioral MFLC Child development subject matter expert Outreach to families with children to assess strengths and needs Provide parenting and child development information Short-term supportive counseling and support referrals Develop child and youth resources within the community Increase parents understanding of the affects of the deployment cycle on children and youth Partner with educators to increase understanding of military culture Assist OSD with dissemination of new initiatives

15 Military & Family Life Consultant Provide short-term, non-medical counseling to individuals, couples and groups Life skills and military lifestyle psycho-educational groups Increase mental health resources within communities

16 Personal Financial Consultant Provide financial education, counseling, information and referrals to members and families Partner with Federal, State and local financial programs Consult and train units and Command to increase financial readiness Assist OSD with dissemination of financial initiative information

17 Resources Military OneSource Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Military members, spouses, families, service providers Private and no-cost Information, programs and resources Educational Materials Podcasts, libraries, toolkits

18 Resources MilitaryHOMEFRONT MC&FP program and policy information For families, leaders and service providers HOMEFRONT Connections MC&FP eMagazine National Resource Directory Plan My Move Casualty Assistance JFSAP Information

19 Resources American Red Cross Emergency Communications Services Access to Armed Forces Emergency Services Casualty Travel Assistance Program (CTAP) Volunteer opportunities for members and families Training support of military families; Babysitting, Pet First Aid and swimming courses Deployment support

20 Resources Operation Military Kids Speak Out For Military Kids Ready! Set! Go! Hero Packs Yellow Ribbon Summer camps

21 Resources Zero To Three Coming Together Around Military Families (CTAMF) Parent Flyers Supporting Young Children brochures Honoring Our Babies and Toddlers CTAMF E-newsletter

22 Resources Our Military Kids Children of deployed National Guard & Reserve Children Active Duty, Guard & Reserve severely injured service members Grants for sports, fine arts, and tutoring Other eligible programs i.e. Camp

23 Resources Sittercity DoD partnership = no-cost military memberships Self-service tool for matching parents with services Spouses can post resumes and find jobs Babysitters: afterschool, extended work, PCS Nannies, pet sitting, eldercare, tutoring Background checks, approved installation access, and references

24 Resources National Military Family Association Military family oriented information Programs to sustain the military family Military spouse scholarship program Operation Purple program

25 Resources Military K-12 Partners Students at the Center For military, educators, and parents Parent and educator information Legislation, grants & funding Military school liaison directories and contacts

26 JFSAP Summary Mobile social support team for members and families Total force and Joint Focus on geographically dispersed members Development of relationships with military, Federal, state and local agencies Assessment of available resources Identification and amelioration of resource gaps Support partnerships between military and civilian sectors Dissemination of resource availability to command, staff, service and family members

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