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Providing I & R For Immigrants Suzanne Klassen INFORMATION SERVICES VANCOUVER.

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1 Providing I & R For Immigrants Suzanne Klassen INFORMATION SERVICES VANCOUVER

2 INFORMATION SERVICES VANCOUVER : Runs 1 general I & R line and 4 specialized lines, all are 24/7: VictimLINK ( BC and Yukon ) Alcohol and Drug Line ( BC and Yukon ) Problem Gambling Help Line ( BC ) Youth Against Violence Line ( BC ) Will launch 211 for Metro Vancouver in Spring of 2010


4 ISV : Has 28 employees who speak 11 different languages Uses CANTalk which is a 24/7 real time interpretation service Runs the KATHY service, which is for newly arrived immigrants Has been in working group and has delivered training for the Canadian Red Cross on their FIRST CONTACT line for refugee claimants.

5 Some stats : Vancouver has 580,000 people ( increasing by 6,000 per year ) 51% of Vancouverites self - identify as visible minority 45% of Vancouver s population are newcomers ( newcomers = immigrants ) Seattle : 17%, L. A.: 40%, Reno : 19%

6 LEARNING OBJECTIVES : To understand agency requirements related to providing services to newcomers, To understand the typical stages of acclimatization that newcomers go through To gather ideas, strategies and skill sets for directly providing I & R to newcomers

7 AGENCY FOUNDATIONS : Reflect and Connect

8 Agency Foundation #1: Agency should reflect the population it is serving : Hire staff who have immigration experience ( and make use of their experience in training staff who have not, and mentoring new staff from same language group ) Hire staff who have language capability and use interpretation services

9 Agency Foundation #2 Connect to the communities you want to serve via : Consultation with other agencies, government bodies and key individuals Participation in working groups / collaborative efforts Training exchanges Public events and media

10 Agency Requirement # 3 Anti - discrimination and anti - oppression training, policy and procedure : Gives staff tools and context to deal with discriminatory comments Gives staff tools and context for being allies Promotes healthy communities

11 The Witness - Centred Approach and Anti - discrimination Response Training The witness - centred approach was developed by Dr. Ishu Ishiyama at UBC Angela Brown ( Vancouver School Board ) is the developer of A. R. T. For more information, Google search the words : A. R. T. anti discrimination response training

12 Agency Foundation #4: Review and add to Resources and Publications : Collect publications / forms in the languages your clients need Collect community publications and directories Decide how far to go on issues involving legal systems and procedures, and have clear policy for when you will offer interpretation

13 Agency Foundation # 5 Ensure your computer system captures the information you need to track : Unmet needs Publicity ( how did you find our number ) Interpretation ( staff or service ; directly for client or agency ) Advocacy Follow Up and survey

14 The continuum is two - way, complex, and long term ( And not necessarily a straight line ) Survival Safety Social Esteem Settlement Acclimatisation Adaptation Integration Temporary HousingFoodClothing Health Care May have to rely heavily on others for translation, transportation, finance Enter job market Establish Social Networks Isolation, trauma School Job Club Affordable Housing Career Advancement Accessing institutions Entry into field of prior career Adapt and / or reassess values and cultural identity Vote Adapt to using English in everyday life at work / school etc Participate in ( and change ) socio - political and cultural institutions

15 Tools for Every Stage : 1. Contact 2. Assessment 3. Address problem / issue / need ( I & R ) 4. Check and disengage

16 Contact Goal is to establish : Rapport Focus on patron Professional service Tools : Tone Empathy / Supportive Listening Accept emotions

17 Contact For Newcomers : May be exactly the same ! But may include : offer of language options, explanation of service and confidentiality. Let caller lead level of formality. Allow for more time if caller is not speaking their own language.

18 Assessment Goals Goal is to understand : What the problem is What the caller needs ( may be different than what they initially assert ) How able the caller is For Newcomers : you may need to provide some cultural maps in terms of how the issue is viewed or situated ( but watch this !- let caller lead if possible ). Sometimes may need to give system overview here to situate the issue.

19 Assessment Tools Active Listening Clarify Paraphrase Acknowledge Normalize Respectful Interruption Establish Boundaries

20 Assessment Tools For Newcomers : allow for language processing mechanics. Never assume ! Clarify as needed ( both the caller s situation and the system response ). If you get something wrong or misinterpret, apologize ! Normalize with facts ( many newcomers feel frustrated with the credentials / employment situation )

21 Address Issue / Need with I & R Goal : to generate approaches / solution s : With the caller With options Keeping the client s abilities in mind Tools : Prioritize / plan Inform Empower Give Referrals

22 Address Issue / Need with I & R For Newcomers : Client s ( informed ) priorities ! Don t overwhelm client with information. For delicate situations can use trial balloons. Give information about what the client will have to bring with them and what to expect. Give self - advocacy skills ( ask for…, say that you want… ). Connect to service if required, or let client know how to arrange interpretation service if available. Remind of Resiliency

23 Check and Close Goals : To make sure client understands the plan and has the info required to follow through To bring the interaction to a close To invite them to call back if needed Tools : Summarize and repeat If required use firmer closing and review process

24 Check and Close For Newcomers : Checking numbers / addresses important. Make sure you have their number ( and permission !) if you re doing advocacy. Offer follow up. Encourage them to contact your service again. Record unmet needs

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