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Better Houston? POSSIBLE. Essential Learning & 2-1-1 Texas: Statewide and Local Training Options.

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1 Better Houston? POSSIBLE. Essential Learning & 2-1-1 Texas: Statewide and Local Training Options

2 2-1-1 Texas 25 regions in Texas assisted by 24 call centers (United Way of Greater Houston has 2 regional contracts) 3 24/7 centers – Dallas, Houston and San Antonio Approximately 300 professionals including call specialists, resource, outreach, and leadership staffing.

3 Statewide Training Needs Streamline Training Development: Texas I&R Network can develop one training for all centers statewide on programs/initiatives Any training program loaded from one call centers can be viewed by all persons in the Essential Learning system Lethality Assessments of Suicidal Callers NIMS Courses (Events) TIRN staff can track statewide training hours, ensure training needs are met and report these hours to state program collaborators.

4 Examples of Statewide Training Veterans Programs and Initiatives Summer Nutrition Program Each 2-1-1 center could use the statewide materials and then develop supplement with initiatives that may be in place at the local level

5 United Way of Greater Houston Accredited call center 54% of staff are certified 65 staff members; 50+ call specialists (FT & PT) 732,500 (transactional) calls in 2009; expect 800,000 in 2010 Needed a comprehensive training solution to track hours, training topics, and certification hours

6 Access to AIRS Courses and Essential Learning Course Library Replaced sections of independent reading in ABCs of I&R Test preparation questions for AIRS CIRS Exam available Can design a curriculum of courses for new employees and existing employees Some courses are taken on an annual basis Confidentiality Empowerment and Advocacy Crisis Intervention

7 Meeting Reporting Needs Previous method of tracking used Excel Spreadsheets Tracking was not automatic Required data entry Consistency in training schedule/adherence was not possible Has variety of reporting options available Can report on active and inactive users One report of training hours or curriculum adherence Fields to report on are customizable

8 Not Enough Time? We cant afford NOT to allow training time Training done on work time Management outlines blocks of time when training should not be done (ex. Mondays) Staff are given a deadline and manage their own time for the courses. Short-term campaigns may require training to be completed the next scheduled shift Have a small room for quieter environment if call center noise is an issue

9 What Do We Track?

10 Selecting Online Training

11 Reporting Options

12 Customizing a Report

13 Improvements for Future Needs Surveys Allow opportunity for learners to tell us what works Modify the internal training programs based on feedback from staff Added Course of topics discussed at staff meetings for employees who work after- hours/weekends, etc. to ensure the same information is relayed. A final exam tests learning retention. Learned that online training and in-person training of some topics were equally effective in relaying information.

14 Questions? Sandra Ray, CIRS Manager, I&R Services 50 Waugh Drive Houston, TX 77007 713-685-2469

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