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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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1 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
The Importance of Nursery Rhymes

2 There is a proven link between phonological awareness and success in reading.
Children who have knowledge of Nursery Rhymes/can detect ‘rhyme’ have good phonological awareness. Therefore they have a good foundation for reading.

3 It is beneficial to give children lots of experience of Rhyme before beginning to read. Start with singing Nursery Rhymes when they are babies. Continue with this and also look at rhyming books as children reach two/three years.

4 How Can I Help At Home? Read and sing a range of Nursery Rhymes
Recite rhymes with your child and miss out the ‘rhyming’ words Read books with rhyming texts eg. Ted in a Red Bed Make and play rhyming games

5 Rhyming Games Draw pictures of favourite nursery rhymes and sing them together Rhyming Snap – make pictures of objects that rhyme to play traditional snap game. Memory Game – draw pairs of rhyming objects to match. Make up ‘silly rhymes’ together Change words in traditional rhymes for your child to correct

6 Listening to nursery rhymes, making up nonsense words, and enjoying riddles and tongue twisters help to develop children’s phonological awareness. Give them tools to read!!!!

7 Suggestions of Rhyming books
*The Gruffalo and Room on The Broom by Julia Donaldson *A Cat Called Scratch by Jonathan Long (Korky Paul Picture Book) *Fox on a Box – Usborne Phonics Readers *Father Christmas Needs a Wee by Nicholas Allan *Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar (Rhymes for very young children) by John Foster

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