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Enterprise in Education Dunbar Primary School 18 May 2007.

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2 Enterprise in Education Dunbar Primary School 18 May 2007

3 Enterprise in Education Course Outcomes Have an understanding of what DtS means? Know how this impacts on schools and learners? Experience some of the approaches for yourself? Discuss and identify ways in which you can use these back in your own class settings?

4 Enterprise in Education What is Enterprise? Any thoughts? Education which promotes positive attitudes develops core skills adds to knowledge and understanding It is not about building a nation of entrepreneurs, but a nation that thinks for itself and is not shackled

5 Activity 1 - An Enterprise challenge – How creative are you? Individual list of ideas Share with a partner (aim to double ideas) Share with another group of two ( aim to quadruple ideas) Share with whole group. Will use this model throughout the session.

6 Enterprise in Education What does it mean for children? Using relevant contexts for children to learn in (e.g. letter writing to a local group) Giving ownership to children for tasks in class. Opportunity for learning to take place outwith the classroom. Giving children responsibility for planning events. Participation in individual and group activities. Opportunity for leadership and responsibility.

7 Enterprise in Education Examples of approaches in school School art exhibition for parents organised by children. Roman museum Christening ceremony in RME. Design and make a school calendar. Any others?

8 Activity 2 – Personal Refection Individually reflect on your own practice in a lesson you teach. Share this with a partner to look at ways of making your approach more enterprising. Find another pair and discuss this further. Share your ideas with the whole group. REMEMBER the following points: REAL, RELEVANT and RESPONSIBILITY

9 Enterprise in Education What can you do? Discuss with children in the class their strengths and weaknesses and build on these. In any work they do try to use encouraging words like Everyone can do something well or Do your best When children are working, tell then that it ok to make mistakes as we use them to improve ourselves. Encourage the children to experiment with any new ideas they have both on their own and with in a group. Encourage children to succeed boosts confidence and makes them want to try again.

10 Enterprise in Education Any questions

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