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Paper II Skills Question type 2– comparing 2 sources.

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1 Paper II Skills Question type 2– comparing 2 sources

2 Comparing sources Comparison questions will always have the same stem to the question. They will always be started with the words To what extent do sources B and C agree... about a particular issue

3 Where do I get marks? Up to two marks are available for an overall comparison between the sources. Four more marks are available for specific points of comparison between the two sources.

4 Step 1 Overall comparison and context 1.make a judgement in terms of the question as to the extent to which the sources agree or disagree with each other. 2.Explain the context of the sources (what are they about?) For example, say you have two sources on the Treaty of Salisbury which largely agree. Make that statement, The sources largely agree about the Treaty of Salisbury which was when..., and briefly explain what it was about.

5 Step 2 There are then four points of individual comparison. This is intended for you to draw out specific points of difference between the two sources, or specific points of similarity.

6 Step 2 contd.... Discuss the main differences in each source. Take each point in turn Eg. Source A states.........about the issue. Whereas Source B disagrees when it describes the issue as............................. Additionally, Source A states...In comparison, source B goes on to disagree and say.....

7 Step 3 Conclude by highlighting the key differences and, if necessary, the reasons for these differences.

8 Avoid.. not answering the question at all times ghost comparisons, you must compare specific points in both sources. Do not say Source B says this but thats not mentioned in the other source. That will not get you any credit. It must be a specific point of difference or similarity between the two sources.

9 Now give it a go... Read the two sources Highlight the key points Identify where they agree / disagree by cross- referencing

10 The whole course of the negotiations which culminated in the marriage agreement, called the Treaty of Birgham, shows the guardians above all anxious to do nothing that might impair the rights or the integrity of Scotland. The Treaty of Birgham was the high-watermark of the endeavour by the Guardians and the community. The treaty envisaged two feudal kingdoms, England and Scotland ruled separately though in harmony by a king and queen. The Scottish kingdom was to remain, as the Scots had demanded, free and without subjugation. Elections to the clergy in Scotland were to be free of external interference and tenants-in chief of the Scots Crown need do homage for their lands in Scotland only, persons in Scotland who had been accused of a crime or sued at law should not have to answer in a court outside their country. The treaty has been praised as a document of wise statesmanship and patriotism, but it was also something else. It was essentially a cautious, protective document.

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