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Communication & Employee Engagement - The Way Forward.

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1 Communication & Employee Engagement - The Way Forward

2 Communication – An entitlement model for all employees - the essentials Annual review meeting - all employees with managers Regular, face-to-face,formal team meetings Regular 1:1meetings Investors in People Accreditation to be achieved by all Regular, short face-to-face informal briefings

3 Communication - the essential behaviours Treating each other with respect Employees contribute their views Excellent 2 way flow of information

4 Communication Tools – good practice examples Monthly 1:1 meetings Protected learning time The new website and intranet, blogs Suggestions for improvements sessions Employee surveys Feedback loops Informal contact/walk the job/open door Team away days, team conferences Employee briefing papers, circulars,newsletters and bulletins

5 Employee Engagement - the essentials Leadership development Protected development and planning time Focus groups on key topics Regular Team Meetings Business planning and reviews Council JCC and Departmental JCGs Finalise a Council wide consultation strategy Fully develop the recognition, reward and employee benefits scheme Complete a full employee survey in 2009

6 Employee Engagement - good practice examples Leadership development Internal secondments Work shadowing Healthy Working Lives activities Voluntary work Council clubs and groups Respecting each others views Showing appreciation and recognition of good work

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