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The Labour Welfare Reforms

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1 The Labour Welfare Reforms 1945 - 1951
Background info, including WW2

2 Social Welfare before 1945 Legacy of Liberal welfare reforms, 1906 – 1914 Move away from individualism to collectivism Acceptance of need for government to intervene, to address social problems BUT – only certain sections of society benefited; only intended for the poorest; some benefits means-tested ie had to prove poverty

3 Legacy of Liberal welfare reforms, 1906 – 1914
National Insurance – expanded over the years to be available to most manual workers Unemployment Assistance Board created to help address unemployment Old Age Pensions – increased amount Large-scale government investment in housing eg 700,000 council houses built between 1931 and 1939 Free milk, free school meals, many government –funded schools

4 Influence of WW2 Conservative-led coalition government had to control all aspects of life  greater acceptance of state intervention for all (not just the poor) Higher taxation (50%) to pay for war effort War Socialism – creation of new government departments / bureaucracy Public’s assumption that: - pre-war poverty unacceptable - deserve ‘reward’ of a better Britain

5 Influence of WW2 Unifying aspect of WW2 – all classes worked together for war effort; all classes suffered effects of bombing / loss of loved ones; middle classes shocked by poor condition of evacuees Beveridge Report 1942 – massively popular with the public (635,000 copies sold); chimed with the desire for a better (post-war) Britain; Churchill less keen

6 Beveridge’s 5 Giants WANT (poverty) DISEASE (health)
IDLENESS (unemployment) IGNORANCE (education) SQUALOR (bad housing)

7 Conservative-led Coalition Government’s response
Proposal of a national health service Acceptance of need for government intervention to regulate labour market Proposal for comprehensive insurance scheme Education Act 1944 Family Allowances Act 1945

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