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How and why Bismarck unify Germany?

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1 How and why Bismarck unify Germany?
Classwork Date:________ How and why Bismarck unify Germany? Aims: to find out… What was Bismarck’s aim in 1862 when he became minister-president of Prussia? Was it Bismarck’s skill and daring that unified Germany in 1871? Did Nationalism help unify Germany? Did Bismarck have a master plan, or was he an opportunist?

2 How and why Bismarck unify Germany?
Classwork Date:________ How and why Bismarck unify Germany? Odd word out: Erfut Frankfurt Vienna Berlin Metternich Napoleon Jerome Fred-William Zollverein Prussia Austria railways 50% 3 million 5000 km 72% Fichte Ardnt Jahn Taylor Prussia Hanover Austria Bavaria Grossdeutsch Bund Prussia kleindeutsch Consitution humilation administration unification Erfut Olmutz Hesse-Cassel Bund

3 Who was Bismarck? Junker Womaniser Diet delegate Prussian monarchist
Ambassador Minister-President of Prussia

4 How did Bismarck deal with the Prussian landtag- 1862-3?
The Problem: Improving the army Paying for this Persuading Liberals to allow this Stop nationalists getting democracy Solutions: Abdication of king (!)? Unification of Germany? War with Austria? Wait and see?

5 How did Bismarck remove Austria from German dominance?
Got Russian support against Austria Avoided Congress of Princes (Bund meeting) War with Denmark over Schleswig-Holstein War with Austria 1866 North German confederation

6 Why did Prussia win against Austria in 1866?
Got French support Got Italian support Made Prussia look innocent (over elections) Picked a fight (over Schleswig Holstein) Military preparations Tactics Got peace quickly

7 How did Bismarck unify the southern states?
Gave them an enemy- France Picked a fight- Hohenzollern candidature Franco-Prussian war 1870

8 Sections Aim: to provide info: key people, dates, plans by Bismarck vs. Opportunism? Getting Russian support- p. 50 old green Weakening Austria & Bund p p. 65 new Denmark war p Austro-Prussian war prep 53 old 67 new Austro-Prussian war win North Germans unified Picked fight with France-Hohenzollern 62 72 Prepared Southern states for war Franco-Prussian war Key words: Gastein, Von Moltke, Ems telegram, N German Conferation, Biarritz, Napoleon, Sedan, needle gun, Konigratz,

9 Poster to show the steps to Unification
Aim: to summarise the notes you have been taking Getting Russian support- Weakening Austria & Bund Denmark war Austro-Prussian war prep Austro-Prussian war win North Germans unified Picked fight with France-Hohenzollern Prepared Southern states for war Franco-Prussian war

10 Find the odd words out Landtag Junker army Bismarck
Prussia Austria Hanover Denmark Bismarck Manteuffel William Josef Alvensleben Gastein Ems Biarritz Moltke Vienna Konigratz Saddowa Orders Needles Artillery Groups Hohenzollerm Hapsburg Napoleon Leopold Railways Metz Sedan Versailles

11 Essay plan: reasons for German unification in 1871
Examples: Ems telegram Gastein Von Moltke Needle guns 5000 km Rail Leopold Sedan & Metz Congress Landtag Biarritz Krupps steel Crimean war Bismarck’s grand plan Bismarck’s good luck / use of luck Prussia’s military might Prussia’s economic strength Weakness of Austria Mistakes of France

12 o Give basic answer to the question
‘By 1850 Germany was closer to unification than it had been in 1800’ How far do you agree? Marks You must For example… 1-5 o         Give basic answer to the question o         1-2 reasons given to answer the question No, Still not unified, failure of Frankfurt 1848 No because… Zollverein, 37 states, Confed of Rhine Austria strong- against grossdeutsch Olmutz All failed Yes because… Revolutionary ideals Zollverein, Jahn, Deutschland, Napoleon Grimm, student societies, Fred Will Erfut Prussian constitution Prussian expansion 5-13 o         Answer the question- particularly in conclusion relevant reasons to answer q o         Organise in paragraphs- Give 1-2 relevant examples to support reasons 14-15 o         all main points of the answer (usually 4-5 reasons)- Support with relevant egs o         Explain which reasons are more important (ranks) 16-18 o         Answer the question in each paragraph o         Give opposing arguments in most paragraphs o         Come to a decision at end of paragraphs as to which side you choose o         Link paragraphs together to conclude- Write in a fluent, coherent manner 19-25 o         Have a clear argument yourself from the start- + historians’ opinions to support o         Be in full control of arguments for / against your point, deal with opposing arguments- giving their evidence and dealing with it. o         Come to fully balanced conclusion- reasons that are less important as well as mor




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