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Goodwin Replica Volunteer Doula Service

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1 Goodwin Replica Volunteer Doula Service
HB to start Also mention about no smoking, toilets, fire exits, mobile phones.

2 WHAT ARE DOULAS? Doula is a Greek word referring to an experienced woman who helps other women through pregnancy and childbirth. She offers no clinical skills and does not perform any medical tasks. Her sole function is to give continuous emotional and physical support, and facilitate communication between the woman, her partner and other professionals Mention that all will probably know this by now but emphasise points two/three – that not taking place of midwives/HPs and need to build up rapport and work with them - HB


4 The Idea! Lana to talk about how she thought up the idea

5 The Benefits Mum & Baby – antenatal, birth and postnatal support, lower incidence of intervention throughout birth, higher breastfeeding rates, lower incidence of isolation, positive, empowered birth experience, support with smoking cessation, signposting to other agencies Volunteers – high quality accredited training, intensive support, feel good factor associated with volunteering and supporting others, pathway to higher education and employment, new friendships and networks Society – health & well being of community, development of community skills base, improving employment prospects, saving of public money, community cohesion NHS/LA’s – cost savings, volunteers into midwifery, increased links with third sector, positive experiences for staff Generally chat around all points- SW


7 The Volunteers Training
4 x 3 hour sessions Visits local hospital/birth centre, meet midwives and visit birthing rooms Sessions covering ante & post natal role and birth, cultural diversity, communication skills, etc 1 day Child Protection Level 1 1 day Domestic Violence Awareness 2 day preparing for birth course 2 day breastfeeding course Accredited to Levels 2 and 3 with OCN (9 credits in total) Reflective, Interactive, Ongoing Sallie to talk around training course

8 Matching Process Expectant mums referred via midwives, interpreters, social services, TPSS, etc We support mums from all areas of the city Expectant mums will require a variety of forms of support according to individual situation Matching done according to personality, location, background & availability RP


10 Volunteer Support Volunteer expenses and childcare for training and volunteering Supervision with staff team via phone and 121’s Monthly Training/Support Group Meetings – problem sharing and solving Ongoing training as identified Mobile phone for contact with expectant mum and Project Team RP

11 Results 08-09 100 women supported 143 referrals received
C section rate 20% (LR 24.5%)(09 to date 16%) Epidural rate 23% (LR 34%) (09 22%) Attended by doulas 61% (09 65%) BF initiate rate 69% (LR 52%) (09 85%) BF 6 weeks rate 37% (LR approx 22%)(09 55%) Since beginning of project : Trained 99 Volunteers 26 Volunteers into University 12 Vols into employment 45 currently active


13 The Future in Hull Funding confirmed until 2013 via NHS Hull and 2011 Hull City Council via Early Years fund Covering all areas of the city, split by locality Strong multi-agency working with all agencies involved in family support Recruit volunteers twice a year – April and October

14 The Replication Package
Consultancy expertise and time for 1 year, HR support – recruitment, induction, train the trainer, marketing, promotional material and support Volunteer recruitment, training first cohort, access to OCN accredited training materials Use of Goodwin Volunteer Doula Service Manual Access to and use of Goodwin VDS Database and website Initial years membership to emerging national network

15 Targets in Hull Support approx 100 women & families through pregnancy, childbirth and for 6 weeks postnatally 75% of women supported to initiate breastfeeding 36% of women to continue breastfeeding until the baby is 6 weeks old Recruit 30 and engage 55 volunteer doulas per year across city Support 45% of volunteers to progress on to education or employment Signpost families on to other supporting agencies as part of exit route Liaise closely with CC staff, NHS Hull employees and maternity services by attending multiagency steering groups in relation to early years and maternity services Monitor data and report back to steering group and funders Raise awareness of benefits of natural birth / breastfeeding across city

16 Example Budgets Start up year in Hull, pt project co-ordinator and 16 volunteers, in one area of Hull = £30,000 2009 in Hull, 4.5 members of staff, 30 new volunteers a year, supporting 100 families = £142,000 In kind rent/rates from children’s centres

17 Key Drivers of a Volunteer Doula Service
National Service Framework Maternity Matters Child Health Promotion Programme World Class Commissioning Every Child Matters Healthy Lives, Brighter Futures Our Health, Our Care, Our Say

18 THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME www. goodwindoulas. org hbarnes@goodwin-centre

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