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Shotts Prison.

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1 Shotts Prison

2 Background Maximum Security Prison
Situated in countryside south of M8 motorway, near Shotts Village Long term male adult prisoners Purpose Built in 1976 Includes two facilities; National Induction Centre & Kerr House

3 National Induction Centre
Facilities National Induction Centre Holds approx. 115 prisoners Initial stages of +8 year sentences Regime to help prisoners cope with mainstream establishments Kerr House Holds approx. 52 prisoners Offers an opportunity in a less regimented regime For low supervision prisoners

4 Structure Unlocking times
Monday - Friday 07: :00 & 18: :00 Saturday & Sunday 08: :45 & 13: :45

5 Offers a range of health and sports
Prison Facilities Cell Facilities Cooking areas Hobby kits In-cell power Own bedding Own Clothing Own footwear Play station (PS2 or other) Television (£1 a week for satellite) Offers a range of health and sports Badminton Basketball Gym Football Tennis Field sports Weights training etc Includes a library, prayer rooms, health care, education and wages for the employed and learning

6 Offence Focused Courses
CARE - Controlling Anger, Regulating Emotions Constructs - Addresses poor problem solving, social skills and pro-social attitudes SROBT - Substance related Offending Behaviour Programme Violence Prevention Programme - Intensive intervention programme for violent offenders SMART - Self-management and recovery programme

7 New Stories Prison officer fired for allegedly having relationships with prisoners – March 2010 Prison Governor accused of man handling prison officers – September 2010 Luke Mitchell who murdered his girlfriend is in Shotts, refusing to remove his lip ring and suffering from severe paranoia – November 2010

8 HMIP Report ‘Stable’ was the word used by both the Governor and the representative of the Prison Officers' Association to describe Shotts Prison. It describes the relationship between prisoners and staff; it recognises the safe atmosphere throughout the prison, which is remarkable in a prison that was once notorious for violence; and it takes account of the fact that many prisoners in Shotts have been there for a long time and many will be there for a long time to come.

9 Bibliography

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