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The Beginning of the U.S. And its all because of the Constitution!

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2 The Beginning of the U.S. And its all because of the Constitution!

3 Washington, the President when Washington took office, new country in debt (bc of American Rev. War) John Adams = Vice President Created a Cabinet (a group of advisors) of men he knew and trusted hired Hamilton as Secretary of Treasury to get us out of debt

4 Hamiltons Financial Plan pay of all war debts raise govt. revenue (money) through taxes and tariffs (taxes on imported goods) create a national bank to give govt. a safe place to keep its $$$ VERY CONTROVERSIAL!!!

5 Alexander Hamilton Sec. of Treasury (Washingtons cabinet) Federalist Party – believed in a strong fed. govt. govt. must encourage business & industry

6 Thomas Jefferson Sec. of State (Washingtons cabinet) Democratic Republicans Disagreed with Hamilton about his bank, industry, and the Federalist Party (hated him soooo much, he quit his job) and created a new political party –focusing on agrarian economy & state rights James Madison agreed with him

7 Farewell Address Avoid Political Parties!!! He warned they could seriously weaken the unity of America… do you agree? He pushed for neutrality (becoming an unpopular idea) between war in France & Great Britain… in the end, did not serve a 3 rd term as president John Adams becomes the next U.S. President (with two political parties leading the way)

8 John Adams Famous leader, cousin of Sam, fighting for independence in Massachusetts, American representative in Europe (negotiating peace) President after Washington (he was the 1 st VP) Ran again in next election, but lost to Jefferson

9 Federalists vs. Anti- federalists Federalists = wanted strong national govt. Anti-federalists = feared strong central govt. and wanted to ensure peoples rights Political parties develop because… of disagreements on the role of govt.

10 U.S. Supreme Court

11 Marbury vs. Madison Marbury (a Federalist), a hopeful Justice of the Peace judge petitioned to Supreme Court because Jeffersons sec. of state, Madison, (both DRs) withheld his commission… dirty trick Supreme Court denied Marburys petition because his claim was unconstitutional judicial review: power of a court to review actions on whether or not it is constitutional

12 John Marshall Marshall:– sec. of state under Adams & chief justice of Supreme Court Marshall declared Supreme Court had judicial review power & the power of federalism (aka enumerated powers) Supreme Court became a co-equal branch of govt. & preserved Federalists views

13 Checks & Balances 3 branches (separate but equal) –legislative: makes laws –executive: enforces laws –judicial: interprets laws & judicial review

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