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Warm up 5/7/12 Look at the list of activists on p. 998 – 999. Choose 2 to summarize.

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1 warm up 5/7/12 Look at the list of activists on p. 998 – 999. Choose 2 to summarize

2 warm up 5/8/12 Why is fasting an effective protest method?

3 Read the Chavez article Complete the questions fold & glue into your notebook notebook should have warm ups from last week and this week pink Korea/Vietnam map glued to so that warm up from 4/30 is showing quiz from 5/1 video facts if your class got to watch any grievances/victories list from Monday video todays notes – coming in a few minutes get caught up with your notebook happening after the warm up

4 Native American Rights movement Background: –1887 Dawes Act – broke up reservations –1953 Termination policy – US govt stopped giving aid to reservations to pull Native Americans into mainstream society if they moved to the cities, they had no support at all stayed poor leave space here for summary work -1961 Red Power Movement – wanted to take back control of their lives - sense of unity for Native Americans Why did…? I learned that… I also learned that…

5 Most aggressive civil rights group for Native Americans 1968 – American Indian Movement AIM had many goals renew traditional cultures increase education increase economic independence willing to use violence if necessary to bring attention to their concerns: occupied buildings and land Read the background notes. Write a question in the margin about that information. Write down 2 facts that you learned in the margin. Put a * next to the AIM goal that you think is the best one. Explain under your notes why that one is best.

6 5/9/12 Look at the map on p. 909. What was the law for AZ? What do you think happened in the purple states?

7 5/10/12 warm up Why was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 important?

8 group work you need a group of 4 pick up a poster board & envelope of orange strips using the book & your prior knowledge, place the details under the correct heading do NOT glue or tape them on

9 confirm accurate facts Brown v Board of Education –Thurgood Marshall, Kansas, lower court ruled segregation was ok, neighborhood school Sit ins –1960 throughout South, refused to leave stores, well behaved protestors Freedom rides –1960 South Carolina, bus facilities …, not enforced, violence, SNCC, CORE Little Rock 9 –Arkansas, 1957, students were threatened & harassed, Governor ordered National Guard to keep African Americans out Montgomery Bus Boycott –blacks had to ride in the back, Rosa Parks, Alabama, NAACP did 1 day strike, lasted 381 days, 1955,

10 group work get cup of green strips using the book & your prior knowledge, place the details under the correct heading THINK do NOT glue or tape them on bonus points for groups that get the facts right on your own fold brown paper, transfer all information onto your own paper write summary in space provided glue into notebook

11 confirm accurate facts Brown v Board of Education –Chief Justice Earl Warren, overturned Plessy v Ferguson, separate but equal unconstitutional Sit ins –businesses changed, violence by whites, spread Freedom rides –Robert F. Kennedy sent in federal marshals, 1961 new laws, violence Little Rock 9 –showed how strong racism was, Pres. Eisenhower sent troops to protect students Montgomery Bus Boycott –bus company & others lost $$, MLK, 1956 ruling that bus segregation was unconstitutional

12 5/11/12 warm up Brown v Board of Education Sit ins Freedom rides Little Rock Nine Montgomery Bus Boycott –Pres. Eisenhower sent troops to protect students –Chief Justice Earl Warren issued the Supreme Court ruling –businesses changed –Robert F. Kennedy sent in federal marshals –MLK gained national attention write the event and the impact it had on the Civil Rights Movement

13 Assassinations Malcolm X – Nation of Islam leader born Malcolm Little became part of Nation of Islam & led as 2 nd in command, very popular argued for separate country for blacks, black supremacy, segregation violence for self-defense is fine powerful speaker, inspired Cassius Clay to convert to Islam = Mohammed Ali traveled to Africa & the Middle East converted to Sunni Muslim & left the Nation of Islam 1964 – against racism & became willing to work with civil rights leaders Shot in Feb. 1965 by Nation of Islam members: some argued it was jealousy by the leader Pres. John F. Kennedy – JFK US president 1960 – 1963 stand off with USSR over missiles in Cuba killed during a campaign trip to Dallas, Texas while riding with his wife, Nov. 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the shooting He was killed 2 days later by Jack Ruby mystery still surrounds JFKs death did it involve Cubans, USSR, the mob, 1 shooter, 2 shooters??

14 Martin Luther King Jr -MLK Baptist minister father of 4 children preached non-violence killed while in Memphis, TN supporting striking trash collectors riots in over 100 cities after his death James Earl Ray arrested 2 months later but Kings family doubted his guilt his whole life last speech Ive been to the Mountaintop Robert F. Kennedy – RFK younger brother of JFK campaigning for Pres. shot in LA, June 1968 shot by Sirhan Sirhan RFK had promised Israel that if he was elected president, he would send 50 fighter jets to help their fight with Palestine serving life in prison

15 summary Why were these men assassinated? they were powerful people didnt agree with their beliefs bring notoriety to the shooter

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