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Augustus Emily Heffernon Desiree Dybala.

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1 Augustus Emily Heffernon Desiree Dybala

2 Augustus 63 BC – AD 14 real name: family background:
Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus family background: father: Roman Senator mother: Julius Caesar’ niece adopted by Julius Caesar died of natural causes

3 Second Triumvirate political alliance by Augustus formed in 33 BC
Antony and Lepidus help Augustus

4 Civil War Augustus declares war on Egypt
Antony committed suicide with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt Julius Caesar was murdered Augustus returned home triumphantly

5 Augustus’ reign built roads government
ships to police the Mediterranean political system lasted for 3 centuries more territory wrote works promoted the arts

6 Cool Facts :] the month of August is named after him
Augustus means Exalted or Sacred One


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