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AP Biology calendar & assignment sheet. dateAP Bio ASSIGNMENTSPTS.

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1 AP Biology calendar & assignment sheet



4 AP Biology XXXday x-xx-12 Start: xxx Objectives: xxx


6 AP Biology Thursday 8-16-12 Start: pick up poster Objectives: finish poster presentations notes: biochem

7 AP Biology Wednesday 8-15-12 Start: Describe as many science processes as you can (eg. make an observation) Objectives: success posters notes: biochem hw. finish chap. 1 vocab read Starr 3.1-3.2 pgs 34-37

8 AP Biology Tuesday 8-14-12 Start: How do scientists achieve credibility? What makes a scientific study valid? Objectives: class procedure discussion science of biology vocabulary success strategies

9 Quiz: Lifes Chemical Basis 1.List the name of the four most common elements found in humans. 2.Isotopes that are unstable and emit energy are called?? List one biological use for these. 3.The total number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus of one atom is represented by?? 4.Results when two or more atoms bond together. (both NaCl and H 2 O fit here) 5.What is a hydrogen bond? Explain the biological importance of hydrogen bonds

10 Science of Biology Vocabulary 1.cell 2.tissues 3.organs 4.organ systems 6.ecosystem 7.biosphere 8.emergent properties 10.producers 11.consumers 12.decomposers 13.receptors 14.stimulus 15.homeostasis 16.DNA 17.enzymes 18.inheritance 19.reproduction 20.development 21.species 22.genus, genera 23.Bacteria 24.Archaea 25.Eukarya 26.Prokaryotic 27.protists 28.plants 29.fungi 30.animals 31.mutation 32.trait 33.evolution 34.natural selection 35.artificial selection 36.observation 37.hypothesis 38.prediction 39.test 40.models 41.experiments 42.scientific theory 43.variable 44.control group 45.experimental group 46.mimicry 47.subjective answers define using complete sentences

11 TUES14 class procedure discussion AP success presentation WED15 discuss: science validity finish vocabulary THUR16 notes & discussion: biochemistry FRI17 pre lab: osmosis-diffusion MON20 Lab: osmosis/diffusion AP BIOLOGY

12 #AP Bio ASSIGNMENTSPTS 1syllabus--- 2notes: Starr chap. 1 reading--- 3quiz: Starr chap. 110 4roach products15 5science of biology vocabulary--- 6reading notes: lifes chem. basis--- 7notes: biochemistry--- 8pre-lab questions: osmosis-diff.--- 9pre-lab quiz: osmosis20 10lab report: osmosis25

13 AP Biology Monday 8-13-12 Start: turn in roach products Objectives: notes & discussion: science process AP success strategies hw. Starr pgs 18-30 read & notes poster validation

14 AP Biology Friday 8-10-12 Start: write down all you know about roaches Objectives: roach data analysis hw. produce group, class data; write explan.

15 AP Biology Thursday 8-09-12 Start: xxx Objectives: xxx

16 AP Biology Wednesday 8-08-12 Start: What is science? Objectives: compare-contrast qualitative vs quant. data science as a process hw. Starr-Taggart pg12-14 quiz tomorrow read & notes

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