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warm up 11/30/11 1. Define Reconstruction.

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1 warm up 11/30/11 1. Define Reconstruction. 2. What did Congress want to do regarding the freed slaves after the Civil War?

2 President Andrew Johnson Impeached

3 Equality for Freed Slaves??
After he became President, it quickly became clear that Johnson would block efforts to force Southern states to guarantee full equality for former slaves. The stage was set for a showdown with Congress, who viewed African American voting rights as crucial to their power base in the South.

4 Reconstruction During the first 8 months of his term, Johnson pushed through his own policies for Reconstruction. He handed out thousands of pardons and allowed the South to set up "black codes," which essentially maintained slavery under another name. When Congress came back into session, Republicans moved to stop the President.

5 Stopping the President
In 1866, Congress passed the Freedmen's Bureau Bill. (act of the Radical Republicans) Congress also passed the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, authorizing the federal government to protect the rights of all citizens. (act of the Radical Republicans)

6 With your partner, create the following chart:
Goals & effect of Lincoln’s Plan Goals & effect of Radical Republican’s Plan Goals & effect of Johnson’s Plan freedmen’s bureau extended civil rights act passed 5 military districts wanted former slaves to have rights wanted to reshape the South added the 14th Amendment

7 Impeaching President Johnson
Congress passed the Tenure of Office Act which stripped the President of the power to remove federal officials without the Senate's approval. In direct opposition to the act, he fired Secretary of War Stanton. Congress then voted to impeach Johnson by a vote of 126 to 47 in February 1868.

8 Impeach – put a government official on trial
Only 2 presidents have been impeached... Andrew Johnson Bill Clinton Charges brought in the House, trial held in the Senate Both were found _____________ and allowed to finish their terms. NOT GUILTY

9 Impeaching the President
Citing his violation of the Tenure of Office Act and charging that he had brought disgrace and ridicule on Congress, an impeachment trial was held. By a margin of one vote, the Senate voted not to convict Johnson, and he served the rest of the term

10 Johnson’s Legacy Some would say that Andrew Johnson is largely viewed as the worst possible person to have been President at the end of the Civil War. He utterly failed to make a satisfying and just peace in the United States.

11 What If . .? Argue that this statement is true…
How different would America have been had Lincoln lived to see the country through the critical period of Reconstruction? Argue that this statement is true… In the end, Johnson did more to extend the period of national strife and trouble than to heal the wounds of war.

12 warm up 12/1/11 Why was Congress’ Radical Republican Reconstruction Plan better than both Lincoln’s and Johnson’s plan?

13 Reconstruction Quiz Define Reconstruction.
Which president was assassinated just after the end of the Civil War? Which reconstruction plan wanted to reshape the South and give rights to freed slaves? What did the freedmen’s bureau do to help the freed slaves? What did some southern whites do to show they did not want freed slaves to have their civil rights?

14 Reconstruction – rebuilding the SOUTH AFTER THE CIVIL WAR
Lincoln Congress or Radical Republicans schools, hospitals, gave money, land joined/formed the KKK, set up the “black codes”, terrorized them, put in rules making it hard to vote, forced them to work at a job or get arrested for vagrancy

15 On the back of your orange paper, draw a scene showing Johnson’s impeachment trial. Make sure that the outcome is clear and that the definition of “impeach” is included somewhere. Seeing your picture should accurately inform someone about impeachment trials


17 What was the result of Pres. Johnson’s impeachment?
warm up 12/2/11 Define impeachment What was the result of Pres. Johnson’s impeachment?

18 District Essay Final Label one side Section A
-write #1 or #2 depending on which question you choose Label the other side Section B write #1 or #2 depending on which question you choose Goal is ¾ page, give details, be complete

19 Quick Write about the article about women driving in Saudi Arabia.
12/5/11 Quick Write about the article about women driving in Saudi Arabia.

20 Saudi report: Women driving spurs premarital sex Dec
Saudi report: Women driving spurs premarital sex Dec. 3, :32 PM Associated Press RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- A report given to a high-level advisory group in Saudi Arabia claims that allowing women in the kingdom to drive could encourage premarital sex, a rights activist said Saturday. The ultraconservative stance suggests increasing pressure on King Abdullah to retain the kingdom's male-only driving rules despite international criticism. Rights activist Waleed Abu Alkhair said the document was sent to the all-male Shura Council, which advises the monarchy. The report by Kamal Subhi claims that allowing women to drive will threaten the country's traditions of virgin brides, he said. The suggestion is that driving will allow greater mixing of genders and could promote sex.

21 Saudi women have staged several protests defying the driving ban
Saudi women have staged several protests defying the driving ban. The king has already promised some reforms, including allowing women to vote in municipal elections in 2015. There was no official criticism or commentary on the scholar's views, and it was unclear whether they were solicited by the Shura Council or submitted independently. But social media sites were flooded with speculation that Saudi's traditional-minded clerics and others will fight hard against social changes suggested by the 87-year-old Abdullah. Saudi's ruling family, which oversees Islam's holiest sites, draws its authority from the backing of the kingdom's religious establishment, which follows a strict brand of Islam known as Wahhabism. While Abdullah has pushed for some changes on women's rights, he is cautious not to push too hard against the clerics. In October, Saudi Arabia named a new heir to the throne, Prince Nayef, who is a former interior minister and considered to hold traditionalist views, although he had led crackdowns against suspected Islamic extremists. His selection appeared to embolden the ultraconservative clerics to challenge any sweeping social reforms.

22 "It's because of our oil. Oil is the engine of the world's economy so the world looks the other way when it comes to human rights abuses in Saudi. If it wasn't for our oil, the authorities would never get away with arresting people and keeping them locked up for months over nothing." Saudi Arabia provides 20 percent of the world's oil.

23 Truck Driver Photograph by Jodi Cobb Bedouin women veil their faces more strictly than city dwellers but enjoy greater freedom of dress and movement. Besides managing the family tent, some have even taken to driving the tribe’s water truck. Driving is a privilege denied women in the city. —From “Women of Saudi Arabia,” October 1987, National Geographic magazine

24 Woman and Children, Jiddah
Photograph by Jodi Cobb Popularized by the elite of seventh-century Arabia, the facial veil and head covering worn by a woman on the beach at Jiddah contrast with youngsters' colorful dresses. Veiling became fashionable during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad, perhaps in imitation of his many wives, who covered themselves in public at his request.

25 Why is America Still Allied with Saudi Arabia
Why is America Still Allied with Saudi Arabia? – by Phyllis Chesler The Saudi mutawas (“morality police”) are terrifying. Like vultures, they swoop down on their vulnerable prey, especially women, and then send them straight to Hell. The “long beards” curse and beat their female prisoner, totally terrify her; then, they throw her into a dark, medieval dungeon, (assume the worst here). They remove her only in order to gang-rape and torture her—all presumably in the name of Islam. Her crime? In one instance, although the woman was a foreign national, she dared to take a taxi downtown without a male escort. Can we find no oil elsewhere, no other sources of energy? Do Americans really understand what goes on in Saudi Arabia? Does anyone remember that 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia? Or that Osama bin Laden is a Saudi? Do we not understand that the Kingdom has funded bin Laden?

26 pick out a piece of paper
fold it in 1/3’s – hot dog style label the front “Civil War & Reconstruction Amendments” fold over into 1/3’s to label the inside sections turn to p. 190

27 warm-up 12/6/11 Read on p. 191 about the Reconstruction Amendments. Which one affects you the most today? How?

28 13th Amendment “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude…shall exist in the United States” bans slavery draw a picture to explain this

29 14th Amendment “All persons born or naturalized in the United States … citizens of the US. …nor shall any State deprive any of … life, liberty or property without due process of law … or equal protection under the law” the freedoms in the Bill of Rights apply to everyone Draw a picture to represent this

30 15th Amendment “text from p. 190” this really means …
picture to show it

31 1. positive effects 2. negative effects
problems with Reconstruction p. 424 Court cases limited the effect of the new Amendments Legacy of the Reconstruction p. 427 1. Terrorist groups in the South 1. Slaughterhouse Cases & US v. Cruikshank 1. positive effects 2. Support declined. why?? 2. US v Reese 2. negative effects

32 Read the 2 documents and analyze the pictures Answer questions 1 – 3
homework p. 428 – 429 Read the 2 documents and analyze the pictures Answer questions 1 – 3 Do #4 for extra credit Due Weds

33 What event happened on this day in history? which war?
warm up 12/7/11 What event happened on this day in history? which war? who was the president of the US?

34 reconstruction quiz #2 Amendment giving all men the right to vote. Why did support for reconstruction decline? Amendment abolishing slavery. What did terrorists do to people in the South? Amendment guaranteed equal protection under the law. Which reconstruction plan wanted to help the freed slaves. What area did the Freedman’s Bureau focus on the most?

35 15th violence in the south, poor economy, bad southern governments, north tired of paying for the army in the south 13th murder, burn houses, beat, threaten 14th Congress or Radical Republicans schools or education

36 How did Reconstruction officially end and how did that affect the freed slaves?
Election of 1876 – Tilden won the popular vote but did not have enough electoral college votes Hayes (a republican) was given the disputed electoral votes and that put him over the top & gave him the win

37 Compromise of 1877 – in exchange for the Democratic Congress to accept Hayes as President, republicans in Congress would agree to remove all the troops in the south With the troops gone, any hope of enforcing the new laws to protect freed slaves was also gone

38 Jim Crow Laws Plessy v Ferguson (1898) allowed for separate but equal facilities list 3 examples of places where this could happen Jim Crow Laws: legal separation of the races in the South -lasted until 1964 with the Civil Rights Act -school segregation ended in 1954 thanks to the Brown v Board of Education case

39 Reconstruction test tomorrow
3 Amendments 3 plans for Reconstruction Define Reconstruction, Jim Crow, black codes, Freedmen’s Bureau, impeachment Positive and negative effects of Reconstruction ways the South resisted Reconstruction efforts how/why Reconstruction ended Lincoln, Johnson, Booth, Hayes,

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