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Essential Question How do classic heroes differ from modern heroes?

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2 Essential Question How do classic heroes differ from modern heroes?

3 HEROES AND EPICS Characteristics of the CLASSIC HERO: unusual and/or NOBLE birth part god/favored by gods extraordinary STRENGTH kills monsters with special weapons goes on an arduous journey or QUEST visits the underworld UNUSUAL death

4 THE CLASSIC HERO 1. Most often the TRAGIC hero has a fall or a FAILURE that seems to be predetermined or is fated in some way. 2. He must be in some way RESPONSIBLE for his own failure. His death is tragic, but is in SOME WAY DESERVED.

5 THE CLASSIC HERO 3. He makes POOR CHOICES. 4. Usually his poor choices are due to hamartia or a FATAL FLAW. 5. Sometimes tragic heroes are UNDONE by their own greatness. The greater the hero the more susceptible he is to MISTAKES.

6 EPIC POEM:750 AND 650 B.C.E rhapsode (STORYTELLER): HOMER Odysseus C l a s s i c h e r o o f H o m e r s O d y s s e y

7 Characteristics of Odysseus/The Odyssey SYMBOLIZES the journey of life and its challenges Stresses the VALUES of: Using ones brain to get out of TOUGH SITUATIONS GUILE (trickery): Odysseus escapes OBSTACLES Pride (HUBRIS) as bad behavior / TRAGIC FLAW Rudeness as BAD BEHAVIOR Making DIFFICULT DECISIONS Withstanding temptation

8 THE MODERN HERO MODERN HERO: a COMMON MAN isnt thought of as FLAWED didnt ASK to be a hero RIGHT PLACE at the right time makes a SACRIFICE because it is the right thing to do or for honor

9 THE MODERN HERO: SUB-SET SUPERHERO: A. MODELED after classic hero but has modern hero characteristics as well B. MASQUERADES as (or actually is) average but has superhero powers, TRAGIC HISTORY, faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles

10 HEROES NOW AND THEN Symbolize the HUMAN EXPERIENCE Embody the spiritual values of a culture Provide models of VIRTUOUS BEHAVIORS (adventures of heroes, mistakes of fools) ILLUSTRATE striking similarities as well as differences between cultures Preserve elements of CULTURE/HISTORY Encourage pride in culture TEACH moral lesson/correct or incorrect behavior

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