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Energy Degradation By: Thomas Madsen Nicholas Riggs Jordan Meng.

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1 Energy Degradation By: Thomas Madsen Nicholas Riggs Jordan Meng

2 Vocabulary to Know Fuel – a substance that can release energy by changing its chemical structure, such as coal, oil and nuclear fuel. Degraded energy – Energy that is disordered and chaotic. Sankey Diagrams – a diagram detailing the transfer of energy types. Energy – The capacitance to do work

3 8.1.1 - Energy transference Thermal energy may be completely converted to work in a single process. Continuous conversion of this energy into work requires a cyclical process and the transfer of some energy from the system.

4 8.1.1 - Energy transference Two ways of transferring from one body to another: –Doing work –Transferring thermal energy (heat) Decrease in Potential Energy; Increase in Kinetic Energy and Thermal Energy respectively (even though thermal is mostly lost to diffusion).

5 8.1.1 - Energy Transference Second law of thermodynamics: –It is impossible to take heat from a hot object and use it all to do work without losing some to the surroundings. Whenever energy is transferred it always spreads out, and once its spread out, you cant get the same amount of energy back.

6 8.1.2 - Degraded energy Energy becomes more spread out or disordered. This is called the degradation of energy. Thermal energy is most degraded, some is always lost to the cold surroundings. All energy is eventually turned to heat. Many scientists believe this is how the universe will end, the entire universe is the same temperature, and no work can be done.

7 8.1.2 - Degraded energy Examples of energy transfer: –Light bulb (Electrical energy light + heat) –Electric motor (Electrical energy mechanical + heat) –Battery (Chemical energy electrical + heat) –Combustion engine (Chemical energy mechanical + heat) –Solar cell (Light Electrical + heat)

8 8.1.3 - Sankey Diagrams



11 8.1.4 - Generation of electricity Electricity is useful, it can be sent through wires. There are many different methods for producing electricity, all involving a generator and induction. A generator uses a rotating coil around a wire to produce AC.

12 8.1.4 - Generation of energy

13 Questions What would be a possible Sankey Diagram for the Generator above, assuming that your HAND IS CRANKING? Where would friction be resent in this scenario?

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