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Smith, Sean 222-222-2222 Bounty Hunter Search and Rescue Top Secret.

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1 Smith, Sean Bounty Hunter Search and Rescue Top Secret

2 Welcome we a very glad that you have decided to take on this mission. I will just have to have you talk to our attorney- Liabilities, you know. sign by the X This is Dr. M Just a quick shot to put you out Hey, I dont like Neeee ddd dl l le ess …..

3 …my arm hurts where am I ? Man its hot we have to be in the desert This looks like… Ur! We got lucky then. We could have landed anywhere. I dont even know where to begin Knowing Smith he probably was hungry lets explore the town

4 Ive talked to a few people they recognize the picture of him but that was some time ago. that he was here. Lets do some quick research before we transported to the next place: 1)Ziggurats were way before their time I know there is also one in Ur, they were used for worship. 2)They also were able to irrigate their land by controlling water by using dams and aqueducts 3)I think I found out that they are polytheistic and believed that the earth was a disc and that water surrounded it on all sides. 4)A king called Hammurabi created a code of laws that were written on a tablet consisting of 282 laws. 5)there seem to be a lot of farmers, craftspeople, soldiers, women seem to stay around the house

5 They contributed the wheel. Who knows where we would be without that. They centralized most things around the ziggurats. We do that in our daily lives it could be church, school, home. or work.

6 Objectives Find parts of time machine Locate Mr. Smith and his team of researchers Travel through at least 2 time periods Refer to The Task in your instructions for more details. Everything needs to be in your own words. Sorry, no cut and pasting passages.

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