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American Society in Post WWII 1950s – 1960s The 1950s A Time for Innocence The perfect life, the consumer life??? Conformity.

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2 American Society in Post WWII 1950s – 1960s

3 The 1950s A Time for Innocence The perfect life, the consumer life??? Conformity

4 Polio Vaccine deadly childrens disease destruction of nervous system (paralysis) FDR – wheel chair bound virus nearly ended in 1950s because of vaccine now, very rare in U.S.

5 The Red Scare fear of communism due to Cold War (competition with the Soviet Union)

6 Arizona growth in the Sunbelt –s–states in the SW population increasing - why? –A–AIR CONDITIONER –C–COPPER = king of Arizona economy jobs –A–Army = largest source of revenue for AZ industrial development –i–inland protection from aerial attacks (the nukes) movement to the suburbs AZs economy post WWII GOOD

7 the Automobile changed Americas living patterns never be without your car –Drive in movies –Suburbs – could travel back & forth –Motor hotels – stay the night before hitting the road Route 66

8 The Suburbs Highways made it possible to live outside the city & commute quickly to work Housing developments increase –offer larger homes, new appliances, lower prices –consumer culture (cars, TVS, washer/dryer, etc.) Because of the move, BABY BOOM –increase in babies born after WWII Suburban mothers stayed home –full time mother


10 Leave it to Beaver Culture

11 Beatniks young generation of writers who criticized American life through their unusual writing and their rebellious behavior Jack Kerouac (author) –e–encouraged people to reject American traditional society & find your own path Beat writings inspired young people to question the rules of mainstream America Not a huge movement (suburban children were mainstream)

12 Rock N Roll mainstream teenagers challenging society drew heavily from African American rhythm & blues Elvis Presley – most defined singer for the new white teenage culture Rock & Roll juvenile delinquency??? concern over musical integration (black & white kids mingling) mirrored civil rights struggle

13 Jackie Robinson 1 st black baseball player in the majors; began a new era in sports & society (blacks are just as good as whites) ended 80 years of baseball segregation civil rights activist

14 1960s For a times, they are a changing Counterculture = Hippies (a way of life that differed from mainstream America)

15 Pop Art

16 Music British Pop Music –the Beatles, the Rolling Stones Folk Music –Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel Soul Music –Motown: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, the Jackson 5 Rock Music –Woodstock: Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin

17 Civil Rights Segregated but equal??? struggle for minorities to get same rights as white male Americans –work at same place, go to same movie theater, sit in same area in church, bus, etc. –women, Hispanics, Natives, & African Americans

18 Reforms Kennedys New Frontier Johnsons Great Society –Medicare, Medicaid, Peace Corps

19 Peace Corps Kennedy takes office in 1960 –New Frontier – a set of proposals asking Americans to look beyond themselves and to work for freedom & justice throughout the world –Peace Corps (part of New Frontier plan) a program to send American volunteers to developing countries to work on a wide variety of improvement projects basic purpose: aid people in underdeveloped areas

20 The Great Society President Lyndon Johnsons reform & aid for Americans living in poverty WAR ON POVERTY! –aimed to provide the poor with education & job training Medicare – helps people over 65 meet medical expenses by including them in a govt. health plan Medicaid – provides health insurance for people with low incomes

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