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THIS IS Jeopardy. THIS IS Jeopardy With Your Host... Mrs. Blondis.

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2 THIS IS Jeopardy

3 With Your Host... Mrs. Blondis

4 Jeopardy The Nose Knows Lungs Breathing Blood Tubes Misc. 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500

5 The air sacs of the lungs are called?

6 alveoli A 100

7 The large passageways leading into each lung are called?

8 Bronchi A 200

9 “Dust cells” that wander in and out of the alveoli, picking up bacteria, carbon particles, and other debris are ? A 300

10 macrophages A 300

11 The serous membrane covering the surface of the lungs is called the?

12 Visceral Pleura A 400

13 The central area between the two lungs that houses the heart, great blood vessels, bronchi, and esophagus is called the? A 500

14 Mediastinum A 500

15 The most important stimulus for breathing in a healthy person is the body’s need to rid itself of ______ in the blood. B 100

16 carbon dioxide B 100

17 A mechanism that clears the upper respiratory passages by exiting through the nasal cavity is called? B 200

18 a sneeze B 200

19 Normal quiet breathing moves about _____ mL of air into and out of the lungs with each breath.

20 500 mL B 300

21 The respiratory movement representing the total amount of exchangeable air is the?

22 Vital Capacity B 400

23 Air moving in and out of the lungs is called?
B 500

24 Pulmonary ventilation
B 500

25 What is another name for nostrils?
C 100

26 Nares C 100

27 Air from the nasal cavity enters the superior portion of the pharynx called the?

28 nasopharynx C 200

29 Give one of the functions of the paranasal sinuses.

30 They act as resonance chambers for speech
They lighten the skull They act as resonance chambers for speech They produce mucus C 300


32 The nasal cavity is separated from the oral cavity by?

33 the hard and soft palate
C 400

34 What is present inside the nasal cavity that traps and filters out unwanted bacteria and debris?

35 mucus C 500

36 What term refers to an inadequate blood flow to a part of the body?

37 Ischemia D 100

38 Which term refers to the deprivation of an adequate oxygen supply?

39 Hypoxia D 200

40 The lipid molecule that prevents lung collapse in each alveolar sac is called?

41 Surfactant D 300

42 The oxygen transporting molecule in the blood is called?

43 hemoglobin D 400

44 Exchange of both oxygen and carbon dioxide through the respiratory membrane occurs by what mechanism? D 500

45 diffusion D 500

46 The opening between the vocal chords is called the ?

47 glottis E 100

48 The throat is also known as the ?

49 Pharynx E 200

50 The mucosa-lined windpipe that extends from the larynx to the 5th thoracic vertebra is called?

51 Trachea E 300

52 The C-shaped rings that reinforce the trachea are constructed of _____ cartilage.

53 Hyaline Cartilage E 400

54 The flap of elastic cartilage that protects the opening of the larynx is called?

55 Epiglottis E 500

56 Following the removal of the larynx, a person would be unable to do what?

57 speak F 100

58 Which structures in the trachea beat continually and propel contaminated mucus up and out of the airways? F 200

59 cilia F 200

60 When oxygen enters the respiratory system, what is the next structure after the trachea that air passes through? F 300

61 bronchi F 300

62 The walls of the alveoli are composed largely of which kind of tissue?

63 simple squamous epithelium
F 400

64 When we inhale, our lung volume ____ (↓↑) and our lung pressure ____ (↓↑).
F 500

65 Lung volume ↑, and lung pressure ↓. F 500

66 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Breathing
Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

67 Name the muscles that contract so we can inspire air?
Click on screen to continue

68 Intercostals and the Diaphragm
Click on screen to continue

69 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy!

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