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Painting A Picture With Words

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1 Painting A Picture With Words
Descriptive Writing: Painting A Picture With Words

2 An effective written description is one that presents a clear picture to your reader.
A successful description uses vivid vocabulary, including colorful adjectives and figurative language. An interesting description attracts the reader’s attention.

3 Imagery Imagery is the use of words to create images, or mental pictures. Imagery helps you picture how something: * looks * sounds * smells * tastes * feels

4 Read this descriptive introduction from an informational text:
“Dark shapes glide through the night sky on silent wings, their sinister shadows outlined against the light of a full moon. Swooping down to the earth, they hover near houses and deserted buildings, breaking the peace of the night with their disturbing presence. Carriers of disease, drinkers of blood, companions of witches and demons, bats – the very word brings a shiver of fear to most people.” ~ Sylvia A. Johnson, Bats

5 Description of the Wind
“Anybody could see how cold it got. The wind already had glass edges to it, stiffening muscles and practically cutting through the stitches of our clothes. When it blew, the chill stabbed our teeth like icicles, and our voices jiggled every time we talked.” From Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida by Victor Martinez

6 Things to Remember About Descriptive Writing
Be specific, not vague. Elaborate (add more details and expand your ideas). Use vivid vocabulary (strong nouns, verbs, and adjectives). Include details that relate to your five senses.

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